Monday, April 20, 2015

What am I listening to? #5

Hello again!

It's been a while since I've shared what kind of music I'm listening to. Let's fix that!

First off, I suppose I should warn and say that some of the songs here contain spoilers for certain games. Also, most of the videos are under the read more tag because it'll slow down my blog for some people otherwise.

The first song, my favorite so far from this list, is "Self-Inflicted Achromatic". It's actually pretty depressing, but I think it speaks well and is a very pretty song. I kept with the one with the video based on the game Ib, so the video is filled with spoilers, so beware. 

The next song I choose is an actual Ib song, only it's been remixed and had vocals put to it. It's major spoilers for the game, so if you plan on playing it, don't even listen to this one until you are done! 

And another Ib song. I'm sensing a pattern in my playlist!
This is my most favorite song from the game. It's called "Dining Room" and I think it's really sad and lovely sounding. It's also the extended version so I can sit down and listen to it for a while if I like. 

And lastly (for now) it's not another Ib song! It's one of the songs from the Shigatsu soundtrack. I fell in love with the soundtrack, every bit of it. One of the composers is actually the same person who did music for Acchi Kocchi and in some of the songs I can definitely tell. This is not one of those songs, but it's really powerful and I think that's why I like it. 

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