Thursday, April 16, 2015

Post Con Write-up: Pro±Con 2015

Hello everyone!

It's been a while again, huh? I really should get back to writing here on a normal basis. I'll try to do so, I really will! Especially since people have told me they like to read my posts on here. I feel so honored and flattered! So thank you everyone who enjoys reading my posts!

Anyway, today I guess I'll write up a bit about Pro±Con!

I've been to this convention for the third time now and I don't know if I'm enjoying it as much as I used to. I'm glad there is a free small convention in the town I live in. I can't complain about price or not getting my money's worth or anything like that, so in the end it's okay, but again, I'm just not having as much fun.

There seemed to be a lot less to do this year. It felt like less events and less panels and less variety in gaming. Maybe it's just that they were catering to different people aside from me, which is fine. For an convention hosted by an anime club, though, it seemed to lack a lot of the anime aspect to it. Sure, there was the anime viewings, but the panels mostly did not apply. I think they probably had a lot of problems getting volunteers to do such panels. It's understandable.

For the second year in a row, I've been part of the maid cafe. While it's fun, I still think that it has a long way to go from the bake-sale environment it hosts. When I got home, I spent the next few days writing up a few pages on how I personally would like to see it improved and where I"d like to see it go. I didn't want to come off as rude so I haven't shown it to anyone really, but if you're part of the staff there and would like my opinion, I'd gladly send these few pages over to you and talk about what I'd like to see, personally.

I spent about 3-4 hours in the maid cafe while I was there, and the other hour at the con dressed as Ginko, trying to find something to do. I didn't find much, honestly, and I was really cold in the outfit, but I went to a ramen shop nearby and had some curry rice and it warmed me up!

Unlike the previous two years, I didn't participate in the costume contest. Just as well, too, because I still don't agree with or even begin to comprehend how it is run. I saw a few things on it swirling around the tumblr universe that I have to say I strongly disagree with (not as far as their choice in contestants but how they are handling the contest as a whole). But it isn't my contest and as long as people are actually enjoying themselves, I have nothing more to say. 

They may be playing with the possibility of holding it in North Charleston instead. Maybe having it in a larger building would do them a lot of good! I feel like they still have a long way to go for this convention, but I wish them the very best. Even if I'm not having as much fun as I used to, I can still stop by and have at least a little fun!

I'm sorry if a lot of this seemed more on the pessimistic side; it really isn't meant to be, and I hope the convention continues to develop, eventually into something extra cool!


  1. I may have been one of those ones eagerly awaiting the next posting although I am guilty of intending to start blogging again but my schedule is such a mess that it just isn't happening ATM.

    I personally don't think it might be just ProCon as I have seen a little bit of the other cons going on losing that attachment they once had...almost as if trying to reach out too much and panels selection kinda dries up (from the ones I have been going to). It is great that there is more to do at a convention but when the same panels are repeating over and over, it does loses a little more of that charm that pulls us in and makes us wanting to remember it. Although the plus side of this roller coaster of having fun is that "it can't always be five stars but the ones that are when we enjoy them again causes us to enjoy them even more for that particular one." Let's hope this was one where things are set up to be the best one yet next year =D

    I wish I could have seen that maid outfit in person. Quite possibly my favorite and cutest maid pic I've seen (and thanks to Cait, I've seen A LOT of maids).

    Interesting character for Ginko. I can certainly see that one standing out comfortably in a crowd (although may have been chilly, at least summer is around the corner so that cosplay can work a little better as far as keeping you at the right temperature).

    I know you're not pessimistic but instead actually read it as a mature after reflection analysis. You certainly found parts you were enjoying and still had fun (and looked adorable) but just reflected on things a bit more. No harm with doing some reflection though in your blog, right? ~_^

  2. I know you were <3

    I think one of the biggest things is that I need to be with friends at a convention nowadays. I think maybe I've just gotten used to the company. Also, one of my favorite things at conventions is to browse the dealers room and ProCon only has a small artist alley (of about five tables). But it is held downtown, where I generally have a lot of fun because I know what I can do there.

    I'm so glad you like my maid picture! I'm so flattered!