Friday, January 23, 2015

Getting Through My Games Collection

Hello everyone! 

It's been a while, huh? Well, I've been a bit busy lately and one of these things that has caused me to be so is me finally going through some of the stuff on my 'to play' games list. Also a release I've been waiting some time for. So I wanted to talk about some of these games today!


While people seem to label it as a Visual Novel, I guess it's more like a Kinetic Novel (if I had to describe it in this post just for continuity's sake). As in, you don't make any choices in the game. Instead you watch and read about the adventures of two catgirls and their master. It's a story of catgirls invading their master's cafe and home after moving away and leaving them with his sister- who is their owner. The master has to learn how to take care of these catgirls properly despite the sometimes not-so-true advice from his sister. Eventually they become part of the cafe staff.

 I've loved Sayori's art for some time now and always adored Vanilla so of course I was going to play this.  Honestly, it didn't let me down either. It was super cute. I played the demo before release and was afraid of how Vanilla was going to turn out. It seemed like nearly every single line of her's was basically the same thing: 'I do what Chocola does/would like'. I'm glad that her character actually properly developed after what the demo covered. She's still best catgirl.

Planetarian ~ The Reverie of a Little Planet

Another Kinetic Novel. This one was done by Key so I knew right away that it was going to play with my heart a bit. And sure enough, the set-up for it in the beginning only confirmed for me that it was going to be a sad story. To go over a bit of the story; It's a post-apocalyptic future where the main character is a 'junker' which is basically someone who scavenges materials he can use to survive. The most important things being food, cigarettes, and booze apparently. With the dangers of human-killing machines and other gangs of junkers who happen to be territorial, he fights to get into a building that he thinks may have supplies. Instead he finds a malfunctioning robot girl and "Miss Jena", a black planetarium who no longer works. A lot of the story from here is actually repairing Miss Jena back to working condition.
It's absolutely a good read, though. 

To The Moon

This one has been sitting in my list for a while now but I finally got around to it. This one is an RPG of sorts. It's an RPGMaker game and I recognized some of the tiles immediately. It's really well made and the story is just lovely.

It's about an old man who's dying wish is to go to the moon. As he obviously cannot do this, Sigmund Corp. is called. This company fulfills wishes of those dying by creating artificial memories for them using a new technology. Two of the doctors from the company come to him and is informed by his caretakers that no one knows why he wanted to go to the moon in the first place and we continue in finding out that even he doesn't know.

In order to change his memories, they have to set up a series of events that would lead to a place where new memories of going to the moon would happen. Interacting with objects and people helps with going back further and further into his memories where the prime opportunity for changing the memories would be.

It ends up being a bit sad, sometimes slightly creepy, sometimes happy, but in the end that's why it  becomes such a great story.

It's filled with exploration and talking to people and puzzles. Unlike most RPG games though, you don't have to really worry about battles since that's not the kind of game it is.


I've been meaning to get around to some of these other RPG Maker games and recently got Ib as I've heard it's fun. I don't really get scared by games and this isn't an exception. However, it is a really fun puzzle game in the sense that you are pressured to solve puzzles in the middle of situations that will kill you. The story for this one is short enough to explain. You play as Ib, a young girl who was brought to an art gallery with her parents. When she ventures off alone, she sees that her parents, and everyone else in the exhibit are gone. Things turn weird and horror based at this point and she begins listening to paintings and clues to try and find her way back.

I'm not quite done with it yet, but it seems really fun so far. I assume I'm probably halfway through now and hope to be done really soon. (So no spoilers please!)


  1. This post is reminding me of my massive to-play list. It is so big I had to break down and go to a site to begin to keep track of it all ( HLTB ). It is so bad that I had a full trunk of sealed games OTL At least I now have a nice rack to display them and let it all look nice. If you happen to swing on by the area, we'll definitely work on my collection and tween that down a bit :3

    Ib is one I started but ran out of time and things got busy and will have to start over when I get the chance again. I do remember you talking about NekoPara before getting to play and glad to hear you really enjoyed it :3 Hopefully you can dig through that list and be ready for when I do my big unveiling at MomoCon in May. If you show up, I better be ready. I can't let you kick my butt in front of everyone, right? ~_^

    And if you have room for one more RPGMaker game, Rue just released the demo for her baby, Tymoharu . I'll be helping her through the next few stages as this is her first release but she does have a bit planned and going for it that is very artistic and deep.

  2. Oh i love this new page layout. it's awesome, and oh man i have such a large "to-play" list as well. it's crazy when i look at my steam library. I've seen to the moon and it looks so good. the emotions hit deep.


    1. Oh wow, sorry Robo! Your messages got caught up in the land of nothingness until today! Sorry about that!
      I really like reading, so novels are good for me if I can find the time to set down and get through them with my schedule. But I like short stories presented in games as well. I just like good stories X3.

  3. Oh wow i love the new page layout it's lovely. God i have a massive to play list from my steam library it's insane. I like your choices, though the novels aren't my thing. But to the moon is an awesome game. Hope you like it a lot...those good and go deep lol