Wednesday, October 1, 2014

The Dragon*Con Post

Hello again everyone!
Sorry, it's been a while, but I've been busy spending time with friends in between conventions! It's been really nice and I really needed to be able to see my friends again. I've had this post planned for a while now (the pictures loaded in already and everything!) but I haven't gotten around to actually writing about the convention!

Well here goes!

Actually, I'm not impressed with Dragon*Con. I really thought that it would offer more to video gamers than an anime convention would, but the gaming track was sorely lacking. They had a game room! Well, it was a LAN room where you had to pay $7 an hour or so to play their games. It may be a good way to test out games I've never played before, but if I really wanted to, I could borrow a friend's copy on steam for free and spend the convention doing something more exciting I think. At least for me personally. That is to say, it's not something I would have enjoyed doing at the con. I think I expected an arcade out of such a big con since even the really small cons I go to have an arcade. There's charm to a good arcade.

Regardless, I stuck to my 'video game' cosplay pretty well (other than the quick Sasami cosplay I went out in because it was comfortable and just pajamas). I went as GLaDOS on Friday.
When I originally planned to do the costume, I had a few more details I wanted to add to it. I imagine a humanized GLaDOS (the system and not Caroline) would be very sleek and sexy and clean. When I actually got around to putting it together, I left off a bunch of extra details and went super clean instead. It looked a lot better to me that way and much more like my original vision of her.
After having a guy laugh in my face after confirming my character, it's clear that maybe a few people didn't see eye to eye with my design though.
However, I'm proud of myself for sticking to my vision.

My Saturday cosplay was Rin from Little Busters. A lot of people may be thinking: "But that's from an anime isn't it?!" You're right! But I took a lot of inspiration to actually do this costume so soon because I've been playing through the visual novel game! It's been really fun (and I'm sure I'll make a post about it sometime). I decided to make a giant Dorj for this costume. He's such a fluffy thing and very nice to snuggle and hug. In fact, he got more pictures and attention than I did! To give you an idea of how big he is, he comes up to my waist (although I'm only 5ft tall). 

I also cosplayed my Guild Wars 2 WvW armor later that day. It was so hot outside and inside and I wish I could say that it was refreshing to change into something without sleeves or shoulders, but it wasn't. The heat was absolutely unbearable. But I went out to eat some delicious steak, so I can't complain too much (except the waiter literally forgot we were there! D=)

Later that night, though, I went out to the pool and got some pictures of my Southsun Claire costume! For those who may not know, on the beach in Southsun Cove, your character will automatically switch to their underwear/swimwear. I made a joke that I didn't have the time (due to being sick so often) to properly cosplay my character so I was just going to get a yellow bra and panties and call it Southsun Claire. Well, it kind of happened, except it was a swimsuit instead! What was really nice was the breeze on the balcony the pool was on and the beautiful lightning storm I could see in the distance from the pool area. It was nice to get away from all of the chaos that was the thousands of bodies constantly bumping into one another that was any convention floor.

As for Sunday, I went out in WvW Claire again. A lot of people recognized the commander tag. It's always fun to hear "Hey, is that a dorito?!" from an unknown person in a large crowd. Sometimes I liked to pretend that while I was in the crowd that I was actually leading a zerg into an enemy zerg and that Dragon*con was just a huge battlefield (because it felt like one).

And on Monday, for the short time we were there, I was Art Critic Rarity again (which some may recognize from Momocon a few years back).

Okay, now that I've gotten costume stuff out of the way, I'll give some pros and cons to the convention:

-Met the Chronicles of Tyria guild leader (and friend) in person for the first time!
-Met Ninrac (The awesome person who comments on my blog all the time because he's amazing) in person as well! And got to spend a lot of time together.
-And also talking to other friends (Liz and Josh!)
-Atlanta has good food (Seriously, go to "I <3 Sushi" (formally Umezono) if you like Japanese food.)
-Shabu Shabu at said place
-I finally got a corset.
-Conan the Barbarian panel was actually really good
-Getting a picture with the production designer of the Conan the Barbarian and Conan the Destroyer movies, William Stout. (Who was such an awesome person)
-Awesome pool time while watching the lightning flash in the distance.
-Guy at the Ollivander's Jr stand was giving out free wands before the Yule Ball.
-Steak and Shake birthday cake milkshake on the ride home.
-The hilarious view from our hotel room.

-Too many people. Waaaaaaaaaaaay too many people.
-Said people made the buildings way too hot with their body heat
-They also threw up beside my room door.
-And on the floor everywhere as well as spilling their drinks, making the floors sticky with puke and alcohol.
-The Yule ball reminded me of the terrible prom that I had. With it being the Yule Ball, I expected any slow songs but was disappointed. Instead it was filled with popular pop songs and drunk people trying to dance on tables.
-Too hot both outside and inside.
-Food court was crowded so much that you could barely get through at times, much less find someplace besides the floor to eat.
-Dealer's room was cramped and hard to move through.
-Where is the gaming track? The Arcade? $7 an hour to play a game on a pc?
-Some rude people.

I don't want to sound too ranty here of course. I try to stay positive, but I didn't really have fun at the con (But I did have fun with the friends I saw/met there!) I hear it wasn't a good year for them anyway, regardless, I won't be trying again.

And here I have a post that I tried to condense into the most important parts so it isn't a million pages long! Regardless, I hope you enjoyed reading what I had to say (and pictures) about the weekend of Dragon*Con! I went to Anime Weekend Atlanta this past weekend and I'll be making a (much more positive) post on that soon as well! <3

The lovely view from the hotel room!


  1. No surprise I'm commenting on this one, right? =P

    I did love the time we got to hang out there and my "biggest" regret is that we couldn't spend even more time hanging out together (but I won't complain at all since I was beyond ecstatic with how much time we got to hang out together already ^____^ ). I certainly enjoyed every moment of it (even if hunting down that other hotel for the Dracula panel was a needless hassle because Dragon*Con being too big to manage itself). Even when I had to go back into work, my co-workers could tell I was happy from the time I had. Too bad there was that bus issue on Monday though :c

    I certainly agree with you on so much of that. Dragon*Con is getting so hard for me to want to go to (especially with the "day job" getting so stingy and troublesome about 2 weekends off in a month...AWA afterall). The price keeps going up (which we both could rant about), the experience is underwhelming compared to smaller cons and you'd think they had more for the price and attendence, and let's not forget trying to find that one panel about Dracula. Even as a networking opportunity for my company, it is getting harder and harder to push myself to go to it. Luckily Momo Con and AWA certainly care a lot more about the cons you mentioned here and you at least see effort from both to minimize those problems.

    Also, although I didn't get to see the GLaDOS in person, I certainly love the look of it. It is smooth, stunning, and a work of art how you pulled it off IMO. That one guy was a jerk but I could go on and on about how wonderful it looks. And for getting around the food court issue in Atlanta, the trick I've learned is to go when people aren't all eating (since they all seem to go roughly in the same range but if you're early or late to that rush, it isn't nearly as bad and you can actually get a place to sit and eat).

    I certainly want to plan for Momo Con already but I know that one is going to already be tricky because of a big reveal the co-founder wants to announce that I will be an active part in. I'll absolutely make some time each day to hang out with you if you're there <3

  2. I am in love with your GLaDOS costume, and more so that you specified that you weren't Caroline. Like, seriously.

    In some crazy, alternate timeline where I get together with those people again and complete the Umbrella Academy set, you should come in for White Violin. You'd be perfect and it looks like that material works wonderfully on you.


    1. I'm so glad you like it!
      I went and looked at the design for White Violin and that's such a beautiful design!