Thursday, September 11, 2014

Tamriel Tales

Hello everyone!
Short post for now, but I'll be resuming normal posting soon (especially my trip to Japan as well as a post Dragon*con post). I don't normally make gaming posts, but I'd like to get back into that again.

For now, I'm celebrating!
Several times I've been through the game now, but tonight I decide to play through the game as an Imperial. Well, tonight I also finished the questline as well.  I have three mannequins in a large cave inside a player house I got off of the Steam Workshop. Many of you may recognize it as Dragon Cliff Manor (I highly recommend this mod, it's absolutely stunning). Well, I had the idea that these three specific ones  could house the armor and weapons from the three games that have bosses.

So from left to right:
Ulfric Stormcloak (Base game)
Harkon (Dawnguard)
Miraak (Dragonborn)

Oh, and the lovely lady up  front is responsible for all this. She's my cute little Dunmer!

(unfortunately I can't make the picture bigger with this layout, but as always, you can click it to view the larger version!)