Wednesday, July 16, 2014

Journey to Japan (Part 8)

Because we had to check out, I woke up early again the next morning. All showered and with our bags packed and futons rolled up, we left. It was snowing quite a bit that morning as we went to the train station. Here, our bags would be put into lockers until our next departure; today we would be leaving Sapporo.

It was easy remembering where my bags were; mine were in a locker right next to a bird cage in the station! I tried my best to get a video, but they were cleaning the cage when I was around. It was very calming in such a quick paced place, I stood around and watched them for a bit. 

I had breakfast at the station again and then we headed out again. This time we decided to explore around the station and eventually came upon a department store outside. While it was planned to only look around and see what they had and I took my time looking around knick-knack shops, we stumbled upon something really great. An arcade on the top floor! It was absolutely huge and had many different games, gachas, UFO catchers and other sorts of things. We played a few rounds of Taiko Drum Master, where they had plenty of Touhou music on it that I chose. I also saw a crane game with giant cans of Pringles in it! (Pringles was a staple snack for me while I was in Japan and I really love the crispy chips.)

But, perhaps, the most exciting thing about the arcade was accidentally stumbling upon a Pokemon Center!  It was full of all sorts of different Pokemon merchandise. I explored so much of it and ended up getting a Fennekin (Fokko in Japanese) phone charm. It actually came with a piece of candy that I jokingly called a Rare Candy. I'd totally go back again if I got the chance. The place was amazing! 

Afterwards, I ended up having lunch and walking around a bit more and had a bit of a snowball fight. I also joined in on some festivities in the station for the snow festival! They had a live video playing where if you stood in the view of the camera, things would happen to you on the screen, such as fake snow falling on your head. It was really fun to watch. Another was a sort of 'game'. Shadowy symbols representing animals would fall down a projection on the wall. If you could close your had around one of the shadows and hold it long enough, it meant that the animal was born in the real world (or something like that anyway).

It was a rather short day for me in adventures, though. I loaded up on snacks for an overnight bullet train to Kobe. Now, that was miserable unfortunately. The way that some trains work in Japan is that when you sit on a seat, it triggers a heater at your feet. The train was loaded, though, and the heaters weren't turning off, so it was hot and terrible the entire ride. I tried to get some sleep but it wasn't very good. However, the views outside were beautiful to me. Not so much to others I suppose: We were riding through a huge snowstorm- and just barely made it through without getting stranded in what became of Tokyo.

When we went to switch trains, I really had to use the bathroom and so I finally decided to try and use a public bathroom. I was terrified of their basins and was glad to see that they had regular toilets. I say regular toilets, but I guess they'd be considered a bit more fancy over here (And a recipe for disaster). They had seat warmers and tons of buttons and everything. I freaked out trying to figure out which one was the button to actually flush it. ( /)u(\ )

If anything, though, it was absolutely worth it to see this:

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  1. That is amazing that you stumbled into a Pokémon center. I'll admit I'm jealous of that xD

    That is a very beautiful snow scenery and certainly seems worth the train frustration.