Wednesday, July 2, 2014

Cosplay Wednesday - Chen

Hello everyone!

It's Cosplay Wednesday and I'm posting it just before the next day happens yet again!
Today, I'm sharing my Chen cosplay. It was my first ever Touhou cosplay. I'm in the process of remaking the cosplay from the old version and I hope I can debut it again one day soon! These pictures, though, are from Momocon a few years ago. A friend let me borrow her wig, which was gorgeous. I only brought the cosplay as a back-up in case I didn't feel like wearing something elaborate (so please excuse my blue nails!)

Character: Chen
Series: Touhou Project


  1. Back-up cosplays is definitely a great idea I need to think about more often. Especially in the South as the summer really requires light cosplays while spring and fall you have to be handled for both cool and warm temperatures. Having back-ups would be a great way (especially since I frequently go to the dances and light would be very welcomed). The ears also keep beckoning me to scratch them :3

    1. A scratch behind the ears would be purrfect! <3

      I started bringing back-up cosplays to nearly every convention now. A lot of people actually end up requesting me to bring certain costumes I already have so I can cosplay with them so that helps a lot.
      I went to the rave/dance at AWA last year to see Kors K. I ended up bringing my DJ Iroha costume specifically for that- Which was awesome because the costume is modular so that I can wear it with short sleeves or long sleeves and I can wear t he top partially unzipped as well and it's totally canon. X3

    2. Indeed, especially since my kitten is helping me purrfect the art of scratching ears JUST right :3

      Great friends who love your hard work does help a lot. I think it was that same AWA rave that I remember actually going back home and pulling out my Adell (Disgaea 2) cosplay as it was extremely light and needed to get out of the cosplay I was in anyways because it was Raz (from Psychonauts). A heavy sweater and a leather jacket in a rave is not going to be fun ^^' I don't think it fully counts as a back-up since I actually did go back home and then back to AWA =P A modular cosplay in-canon is fantastic. I will definitely have to keep an eye out for those in the future C: I better plan for a back-up for Dragon*Con as I can't see it working well in a rave room without some serious damage (in particular to the head).