Saturday, July 12, 2014

Another Bodyline Review!

♥ Hello again everyone! ♥

I have been shamelessly looking at the school gym uniform on Bodyline's site for several years now. While a friend and I made our own gym uniforms many years back, I wanted one with stripes and embellishments on it. The Bodyline uniform fit that bill and so I've been drooling over it a bit. Well, I finally got it!

When I received it, it was packaged in a nice box displaying the pictures they had on the site. Inside was the uniform, neatly folded. I immediately looked over the seams and handiwork on it. Both of the '2's are embroidered on very nicely and all of the seams were properly finished. There isn't one band of elastic in the top of the bloomers, but three different ones in different channels. The ribbon was sewn on neatly and straight, too. The only 'issue' is that there was a bit of make-up on the collar; I've been to one of their store's while in Japan, so it's easy to see how it would happen; It wasn't a problem for me anyway. I wasn't too concerned and a wash would take it right out! Good as new!

I ended up wearing it around the house all day because it's really comfy. The inside of the bloomers are especially soft, I should mention. The materials seem really great.

While I can't find the listing anymore on the site, I can say that the price for it was around $7. Another impressive costume, especially for the price. I do at least have a picture of me wearing the costume casually. I hope to take pictures in it this summer!

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