Wednesday, June 25, 2014

What Am I Listening To #4

Hello everyone!✿
I wanted to share some music that I've been listening to again!
It's a longer list again, and to keep the page loading smoothly, I'll have the rest of the videos under the cut! 


I just think this song is really pretty. I wish I could sing like this. I like a lot of EastNewSound's touhou music, but when I stumbled upon this original work, I absolutely fell head over heels for it. The video for it is also absolutely gorgeous.

I've been through a lot of stress lately and it's really nice to have a song like this. There are cheer up songs, and then there are songs that are more like "I understand you're going through some terrible times, but we'll get through it." This is one of those songs and I think there should be more out there. Also, DJ Okawari is awesome anyway and I find myself listening to the music often.

Also, I don't know why, but I've had some Pop'n Music songs stuck in my head. I love Akino's "Aqua", it's probably my favorite song by her.

I found this one while listening to GensokyoRadio. It's really pretty, I think.

I'm really fond of Kashiwa Daisuke's music- In the Lake is my favorite of his works. It's really soft and interesting, dare I say another song I think is pretty?

And finally, I've been in the mood to play  more Castlevania lately. I usually play Symphony of the Night once, if not several times, a year. I haven't gotten to play it yet this year and I'm just itching to do so! One of my most favorite songs in the game is Lost Painting. It's actually tied to Dance of Pales (Pearl Dance Music) for first. This piano version of Lost Painting is really beautiful. 

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