Monday, June 2, 2014

Weekend Food Fun

Hello everyone! ✩
This weekend, despite being unwell yet again, I decided to go out and visit the farmers market. It's one of my favorite Saturday activities. Being able to go out and walk around and picking out fresh fruits and veggies to cook later is really exciting and fun to me. I was kind of afraid I wouldn't be able to go, though. Once I finished getting showered and dressed, there was thunder and it had started raining really hard. When we left, I was just hoping that it hadn't reached downtown yet.

The suspended bridge on the way back home.

I guess luck was on my side!

With the plans to pick up some steak later from a local butcher shop, I went ahead and got some fresh broccoli as a side. Because I was thirsty I also got some fresh squeezed strawberry lemonade. I love juice and I like lemonade but most of the time it's a little too tart or sour for me to really enjoy it, especially with strawberry added in (I don't know why that is either.)  This was probably the nicest strawberry lemonade I've had. It was just slightly sweet and I got to watch them grind up the strawberries by hand and cut the lemons and squeeze them- I'm sure you get the point. (⌒▽⌒)

A few blocks down was where the butcher shop was. The household likes to get meat from them for sukiyaki and I once had a steak from there that was just so absolutely amazing. Somehow it was decided that we would try the Kobe-style steaks to see how they lived up to the Kobe beef we had in Japan.
But before we left, we wanted to have lunch. The shop has a limited number of burgers they make each day at lunch time. I've only had one there before but it was really very tasty.

The sign said the burger for the day was: Ground chuck, beef brisket, pulled pork, cheddar cheese, and chow chow (which is basically a chutney.)

It seemed like a bit much to put on a burger, but I was here to have lunch as well, so I was ready to try it.

This burger was absolutely one of the tastiest burgers I've ever had! It's no Mosburger, but wowie it was so good. I really didn't know if I'd like the chow chow but it was really really nice. Too bad they'll probably not serve it again on a day that I'm there. Sooooo much meat.
ヽ( ★ω★)ノ

Aftewards, I got to go to Whole Foods Market where I picked up some potatoes to go with the beef. Butterscotch beer (Non-alcoholic Harry Potter drink) was on sale so I came back with a pack of that as well. 

Unfortunately I couldn't have it that night as I planned due to some circumstances that happened just around dinnertime. But I did get to cook and eat everything tonight! I made mashed potatoes with the skins (slightly chunky since that's my preference) as well as steamed broccoli and carrots. It was a very tasty meal.

As far as the Kobe-style beef goes, it had a buttery taste to it, similar to Kobe beef, but it lacks the tenderness and the same buttery taste and texture (Which basically melts in your mouth). You can even see that this particular one lacks the amount of marbling that you usually see on wagyu beef. It doesn't feel right to compare it to Kobe beef even though it's really nice on its own. If you want to experience real Kobe beef, of course you'll have to go to Kobe in Japan. This Kobe-style beef is really expensive and just doesn't feel the same- but I got to try it out and now my curiosity is satisfied! I hope someday I'll find a Kobe-style beef that comes a little closer to the Kobe and wagyu beef I had in Japan.

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