Friday, June 20, 2014

Journey to Japan (Part 7)

I woke up the next morning... with my stomach growling. I was so tired from walking so many hours in the snow the day before that I didn't feel like getting up, though. Eventually, I did. When I was finally dressed, packed, and outside, I couldn't stop staring at the snowflakes! They were so small and pretty- the smallest snowflakes I had ever seen. The beauty of it kind of had me rather awestruck as I made my way to the station. I had another strawberry cake for breakfast accompanied with strawberry milk.

"Reimu is look at you with anticipation in her eyes.
--> Give her a donation.
      Give her a donation.
        Give her a donation."

Close to the shop I had breakfast at, there was  Liz Lisa. I hadn't been able to visit it since I had gotten there, but I was finally able to on this day. The clothes at Liz Lisa are oh so cute and the employees kept picking out things they thought would look great on me. I was practically bombarded with all of it. Despite how it sounds, it was actually really nice and they showed me some really cute outfits that they put together. I had planned on coming back to purchase something from the place, but I ended up saving the money for something later on in the trip on top of not really passing by the place again while it was open.
Then we decided to walk around again. I ended up playing more games in the arcade as well as touring some of the shops I wasn't able to earlier. I went into a secondhand clothing shop and found a really cute skirt that was on sale for a really inexpensive price! On the way back to the station, I saw a really funny shop name. I'll let the picture explain it:

Snobbish Babies

I wish I would have found out what they sold before walking by it.

As usual, I found some food to try in the station. In my very futile attempt to try and like ramen, we ended up in a ramen shop again. The bowls are huuuuuuuge! Ramen is really really inexpensive usually and it impresses me how much you can get for what would be a few dollars for us. Like, two or three most. I still can't bring myself to like ramen, though. I drank the broth happily, but the noodles are just too much for me yet again. (-_-;*) Maybe one day. I still have hope!

I also passed by a Baskin Robins in the station and saw that they served crepes! I got two different flavors of strawberry ice cream in it, and it's loaded with strawberry pieces. If I remember correctly, it also had bits of cheesecake in it (I had strawberry cheesecake ice cream inside anyway). It was very delicious. 

The rest of the time was pretty much spent looking at ice sculptures and more of the snow sculptures. They were really very pretty. A lot of them would have things frozen into the ice, like fish and beer. It was really interesting to see these things. Like the snow sculptures, there was just a street dedicated to ice sculpture viewing. They even had some you could interact with, like benches and cars.

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I'm just glad that I had a bottle of milk tea in my pocket to keep my hands warm. I love the cold, my body doesn't seem to care for it as much. Vending machines that sell hot drinks are so nice in the cold weather. Not only can you drink it to get warm, but you can also keep the drink inside of your pockets to warm your hands up with. It was extra nice considering that my hand warmers were no longer working very well.  Everytime I got the chance to, I'd duck into a konbini (convenience store) to warm up a bit. I'd often find something to eat while I was there, a nice snack or something to save for later as well as another warm drink. One of them I managed to find some leftover Vocaloid christmas (complete with Tako Luka) stickers that were about 50 yen, so I got a sheet of them.

I also got to see these awesome snowboarders- it seemed to be some sort of event with MCs and everything. Everyone seemed so excited, and it was pretty fun to watch a bit of it.I did take out my phone and record a bit, though its not the best quality.

And after walking in the snow again, we decided to have yakitori for dinner. Yakitori is skewered meat. They serve vegetables, too, as you can see! I had beef tenderloin and buttered potatoes. Then I had a second helping. The beef tenderloin was really, well, tender! There aren't any tables at this particular restaurant, and I had gotten used to sitting at the bar in restaurants anyway. The upside is that you get to watch them cook from your perch. I happened to have a front row seat- unfortunately in this case, I'm a little short and had to actually make an effort to look over. I was too focused on my food to watch long enough anyway.

All in all, it wasn't a long day at all, and I retired to bed pretty early for the night. I had a stomach full of great food, I was freshly showered, and I was all snuggled up in my futon. I knew that I'd have to wake up in the morning and pack my things and get ready for a new day and an overnight train ride to Kobe, but not before having one last adventure in Sapporo.

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-Oh, and something I forgot to mention before (Probably because I pushed it out of my mind) but sometime during my stay in Sapporo, I tried McDonalds out of curiosity. I learned my lesson and I won't be trying it again. Sticking with Mos Burger forever!-

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