Thursday, June 26, 2014

Cosplay Wednesday - Momiji/Aya WIP

Hello again everyone!
I'm a bit late, as it's past twelve here for me, but I haven't went to sleep so I'm still considering this Wednesday!
It's a bit different today, I won't be showing off a finished product, I hope that's okay! I wanted to show off the work I'm doing for autumn! Of course fall calls for our favorite tengu- Aya and Momiji! I designed a Momiji outfit for a friend because I wanted to make him a costume. Somehow we ended up deciding to do a cosplay together, with me as Aya, when he comes down to see me at the end of summer!

This tail is ridiculous! It took me tens of hours to make it and I'm pretty proud of it! Believe it or not, it's actually made from yarn! I spent quite a lot of time tying yarn bundles, brushing those out, and then straightening them before tying them onto a braided yarn core. I used over 300 yards of yarn for this tail! 

I'm actually using some of the same materials for both the Aya and Momiji cosplay. The skirt is made from the leftover fabric from the obi I made for Momiji. I actually had an incomplete Aya cosplay before, so I had the buttons and autumn fabric to work with already!

The Momiji pants. I had made some hakama pants years ago, but I took them apart for the fabric in an attempt to get rid of some of my unused costume pieces... only to come up with this idea after that fact. But I sewed them up again as best as I could and added all the little details. They look better in person rather than sitting on the bed and not even properly laid out, but you can see what kind of design I was going for here at least!

When I'm finished, I'll also include the sketch I did for the Momiji costume design. I can't wait to show off the finished products! 

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