Wednesday, June 4, 2014

Cosplay Wednesday: Makise Kurisu (Labcoat)

Hello everyone! 

It's Wednesday again and I'm trying to keep up this time! Today I have a few pictures of my Makise Kurisu cosplay from Steins;Gate... Well the labcoat version anyway! As kind of usual, I made this costume last minute as well. I didn't expect to have another costume for the convention, but I decided to do it anyway. The wig was something I had for quite a while and I had been trying to find something to do with it. I also already had a lab coat, but I decided to actually make a new one for the costume because it wasn't flowy enough. I wanted to be able to throw it out and make bold exclamations with Okabe! Which I got to do at Anime Weekend Atlanta 2011 when I wore this costume. It was a lot of fun!

Oh, and it gave me an excuse to drink Doctor Pepper, which we all know is an intellectual drink for the chosen.

 I think I'll probably work on making this costume better in the future sometime, too. I'd love for it to make a comeback!

My tie went askew!  (。´╹A╹`。)


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  1. It's always a good time to drink the almighty Dr. Pepper! Even for those it would be out of cosplay