Thursday, June 26, 2014

Cosplay Wednesday - Momiji/Aya WIP

Hello again everyone!
I'm a bit late, as it's past twelve here for me, but I haven't went to sleep so I'm still considering this Wednesday!
It's a bit different today, I won't be showing off a finished product, I hope that's okay! I wanted to show off the work I'm doing for autumn! Of course fall calls for our favorite tengu- Aya and Momiji! I designed a Momiji outfit for a friend because I wanted to make him a costume. Somehow we ended up deciding to do a cosplay together, with me as Aya, when he comes down to see me at the end of summer!

This tail is ridiculous! It took me tens of hours to make it and I'm pretty proud of it! Believe it or not, it's actually made from yarn! I spent quite a lot of time tying yarn bundles, brushing those out, and then straightening them before tying them onto a braided yarn core. I used over 300 yards of yarn for this tail! 

I'm actually using some of the same materials for both the Aya and Momiji cosplay. The skirt is made from the leftover fabric from the obi I made for Momiji. I actually had an incomplete Aya cosplay before, so I had the buttons and autumn fabric to work with already!

The Momiji pants. I had made some hakama pants years ago, but I took them apart for the fabric in an attempt to get rid of some of my unused costume pieces... only to come up with this idea after that fact. But I sewed them up again as best as I could and added all the little details. They look better in person rather than sitting on the bed and not even properly laid out, but you can see what kind of design I was going for here at least!

When I'm finished, I'll also include the sketch I did for the Momiji costume design. I can't wait to show off the finished products! 

Wednesday, June 25, 2014

What Am I Listening To #4

Hello everyone!✿
I wanted to share some music that I've been listening to again!
It's a longer list again, and to keep the page loading smoothly, I'll have the rest of the videos under the cut! 


I just think this song is really pretty. I wish I could sing like this. I like a lot of EastNewSound's touhou music, but when I stumbled upon this original work, I absolutely fell head over heels for it. The video for it is also absolutely gorgeous.

I've been through a lot of stress lately and it's really nice to have a song like this. There are cheer up songs, and then there are songs that are more like "I understand you're going through some terrible times, but we'll get through it." This is one of those songs and I think there should be more out there. Also, DJ Okawari is awesome anyway and I find myself listening to the music often.

Also, I don't know why, but I've had some Pop'n Music songs stuck in my head. I love Akino's "Aqua", it's probably my favorite song by her.

Friday, June 20, 2014

Journey to Japan (Part 7)

I woke up the next morning... with my stomach growling. I was so tired from walking so many hours in the snow the day before that I didn't feel like getting up, though. Eventually, I did. When I was finally dressed, packed, and outside, I couldn't stop staring at the snowflakes! They were so small and pretty- the smallest snowflakes I had ever seen. The beauty of it kind of had me rather awestruck as I made my way to the station. I had another strawberry cake for breakfast accompanied with strawberry milk.

"Reimu is look at you with anticipation in her eyes.
--> Give her a donation.
      Give her a donation.
        Give her a donation."

Close to the shop I had breakfast at, there was  Liz Lisa. I hadn't been able to visit it since I had gotten there, but I was finally able to on this day. The clothes at Liz Lisa are oh so cute and the employees kept picking out things they thought would look great on me. I was practically bombarded with all of it. Despite how it sounds, it was actually really nice and they showed me some really cute outfits that they put together. I had planned on coming back to purchase something from the place, but I ended up saving the money for something later on in the trip on top of not really passing by the place again while it was open.
Then we decided to walk around again. I ended up playing more games in the arcade as well as touring some of the shops I wasn't able to earlier. I went into a secondhand clothing shop and found a really cute skirt that was on sale for a really inexpensive price! On the way back to the station, I saw a really funny shop name. I'll let the picture explain it:

Snobbish Babies

I wish I would have found out what they sold before walking by it.

As usual, I found some food to try in the station. In my very futile attempt to try and like ramen, we ended up in a ramen shop again. The bowls are huuuuuuuge! Ramen is really really inexpensive usually and it impresses me how much you can get for what would be a few dollars for us. Like, two or three most. I still can't bring myself to like ramen, though. I drank the broth happily, but the noodles are just too much for me yet again. (-_-;*) Maybe one day. I still have hope!

I also passed by a Baskin Robins in the station and saw that they served crepes! I got two different flavors of strawberry ice cream in it, and it's loaded with strawberry pieces. If I remember correctly, it also had bits of cheesecake in it (I had strawberry cheesecake ice cream inside anyway). It was very delicious. 

The rest of the time was pretty much spent looking at ice sculptures and more of the snow sculptures. They were really very pretty. A lot of them would have things frozen into the ice, like fish and beer. It was really interesting to see these things. Like the snow sculptures, there was just a street dedicated to ice sculpture viewing. They even had some you could interact with, like benches and cars.

Created with flickr slideshow.

I'm just glad that I had a bottle of milk tea in my pocket to keep my hands warm. I love the cold, my body doesn't seem to care for it as much. Vending machines that sell hot drinks are so nice in the cold weather. Not only can you drink it to get warm, but you can also keep the drink inside of your pockets to warm your hands up with. It was extra nice considering that my hand warmers were no longer working very well.  Everytime I got the chance to, I'd duck into a konbini (convenience store) to warm up a bit. I'd often find something to eat while I was there, a nice snack or something to save for later as well as another warm drink. One of them I managed to find some leftover Vocaloid christmas (complete with Tako Luka) stickers that were about 50 yen, so I got a sheet of them.

I also got to see these awesome snowboarders- it seemed to be some sort of event with MCs and everything. Everyone seemed so excited, and it was pretty fun to watch a bit of it.I did take out my phone and record a bit, though its not the best quality.

And after walking in the snow again, we decided to have yakitori for dinner. Yakitori is skewered meat. They serve vegetables, too, as you can see! I had beef tenderloin and buttered potatoes. Then I had a second helping. The beef tenderloin was really, well, tender! There aren't any tables at this particular restaurant, and I had gotten used to sitting at the bar in restaurants anyway. The upside is that you get to watch them cook from your perch. I happened to have a front row seat- unfortunately in this case, I'm a little short and had to actually make an effort to look over. I was too focused on my food to watch long enough anyway.

All in all, it wasn't a long day at all, and I retired to bed pretty early for the night. I had a stomach full of great food, I was freshly showered, and I was all snuggled up in my futon. I knew that I'd have to wake up in the morning and pack my things and get ready for a new day and an overnight train ride to Kobe, but not before having one last adventure in Sapporo.

Created with flickr slideshow.

-Oh, and something I forgot to mention before (Probably because I pushed it out of my mind) but sometime during my stay in Sapporo, I tried McDonalds out of curiosity. I learned my lesson and I won't be trying it again. Sticking with Mos Burger forever!-

Wednesday, June 11, 2014

Cosplay Wednesday - Poolside Miku

☆Hello again!☆
Yesterday it got up to 95°f / 35°c and it's not even summer yet. No wonder I keep wanting to go to the pool! Next time I do, I thought of taking more cosplay pictures. I've been wanting more pictures of my poolside Hatsune Miku cosplay, so I thought I may as well share some that I have currently!

Wednesday, June 4, 2014

Cosplay Wednesday: Makise Kurisu (Labcoat)

Hello everyone! 

It's Wednesday again and I'm trying to keep up this time! Today I have a few pictures of my Makise Kurisu cosplay from Steins;Gate... Well the labcoat version anyway! As kind of usual, I made this costume last minute as well. I didn't expect to have another costume for the convention, but I decided to do it anyway. The wig was something I had for quite a while and I had been trying to find something to do with it. I also already had a lab coat, but I decided to actually make a new one for the costume because it wasn't flowy enough. I wanted to be able to throw it out and make bold exclamations with Okabe! Which I got to do at Anime Weekend Atlanta 2011 when I wore this costume. It was a lot of fun!

Oh, and it gave me an excuse to drink Doctor Pepper, which we all know is an intellectual drink for the chosen.

 I think I'll probably work on making this costume better in the future sometime, too. I'd love for it to make a comeback!

My tie went askew!  (。´╹A╹`。)


Tuesday, June 3, 2014

♥ The Bento Post 2 ♥

Another bento post! <3
Last night I prepared another bento: This one included carrots, pink lady apple pieces, soba, and wraps. The wraps had smoked turkey, colby jack cheese, habanero chedder cheese, lettuce, and sesame ginger sauce. I had to have help since I'm still learning how to prepare soba noodles.

Monday, June 2, 2014

Weekend Food Fun

Hello everyone! ✩
This weekend, despite being unwell yet again, I decided to go out and visit the farmers market. It's one of my favorite Saturday activities. Being able to go out and walk around and picking out fresh fruits and veggies to cook later is really exciting and fun to me. I was kind of afraid I wouldn't be able to go, though. Once I finished getting showered and dressed, there was thunder and it had started raining really hard. When we left, I was just hoping that it hadn't reached downtown yet.

The suspended bridge on the way back home.

I guess luck was on my side!

With the plans to pick up some steak later from a local butcher shop, I went ahead and got some fresh broccoli as a side. Because I was thirsty I also got some fresh squeezed strawberry lemonade. I love juice and I like lemonade but most of the time it's a little too tart or sour for me to really enjoy it, especially with strawberry added in (I don't know why that is either.)  This was probably the nicest strawberry lemonade I've had. It was just slightly sweet and I got to watch them grind up the strawberries by hand and cut the lemons and squeeze them- I'm sure you get the point. (⌒▽⌒)

A few blocks down was where the butcher shop was. The household likes to get meat from them for sukiyaki and I once had a steak from there that was just so absolutely amazing. Somehow it was decided that we would try the Kobe-style steaks to see how they lived up to the Kobe beef we had in Japan.
But before we left, we wanted to have lunch. The shop has a limited number of burgers they make each day at lunch time. I've only had one there before but it was really very tasty.

The sign said the burger for the day was: Ground chuck, beef brisket, pulled pork, cheddar cheese, and chow chow (which is basically a chutney.)

It seemed like a bit much to put on a burger, but I was here to have lunch as well, so I was ready to try it.

This burger was absolutely one of the tastiest burgers I've ever had! It's no Mosburger, but wowie it was so good. I really didn't know if I'd like the chow chow but it was really really nice. Too bad they'll probably not serve it again on a day that I'm there. Sooooo much meat.
ヽ( ★ω★)ノ

Aftewards, I got to go to Whole Foods Market where I picked up some potatoes to go with the beef. Butterscotch beer (Non-alcoholic Harry Potter drink) was on sale so I came back with a pack of that as well. 

Unfortunately I couldn't have it that night as I planned due to some circumstances that happened just around dinnertime. But I did get to cook and eat everything tonight! I made mashed potatoes with the skins (slightly chunky since that's my preference) as well as steamed broccoli and carrots. It was a very tasty meal.

As far as the Kobe-style beef goes, it had a buttery taste to it, similar to Kobe beef, but it lacks the tenderness and the same buttery taste and texture (Which basically melts in your mouth). You can even see that this particular one lacks the amount of marbling that you usually see on wagyu beef. It doesn't feel right to compare it to Kobe beef even though it's really nice on its own. If you want to experience real Kobe beef, of course you'll have to go to Kobe in Japan. This Kobe-style beef is really expensive and just doesn't feel the same- but I got to try it out and now my curiosity is satisfied! I hope someday I'll find a Kobe-style beef that comes a little closer to the Kobe and wagyu beef I had in Japan.