Monday, May 12, 2014

I'm alive!

I know I haven't been posting lately, I even skipped cosplay Wednesday  ( ゚д゚).

I've had a bit of health issues lately that I'm getting taken care of (Hopefully already taken care of). Let's just say that I had an adventure in having many kinds of x-rays and learned how to use an inhaler! Besides all the pain and needles and scary stuff, it was actually an interesting experience because I got to learn about a lot of different equipment and medicines. However, this has distracted me from my usual posting schedules, but since I'm feeling mostly better now I'll try to get back to Cosplay Wednesdays and Journey to Japan posts! Sorry for the delay!

As an apology, have a picture of Drift in a box!


  1. It's okay, I'm glad you are through the worst of it and hopefully all better now. Take care and as long as we get to read/see them, that is the important part :3 Too bad I can't post a picture of my kitten on here to make sure you're feeling even better.

  2. Aww X3 That's so sweet anyway. I'd love to see a picture still if there's anyway to do that!
    Thank you <3

    1. Okay, it's sent via note on deviantart. So hard to pick a single one so enjoy a bunch of photos to make sure you're 100% better ^_^