Saturday, May 17, 2014

Future Cosplay: Rin - Little Busters

Hello Everyone! I completely forgot about Cosplay Wednesday again. I usually have these things queued up, but since I've been sick lately, I haven't really been thinking about things.

I do, however, have something cosplay related I wanted to post!

While I was in Japan, I wanted to pick up a cosplay from one of the stores there. It's unusual for me to buy a costume but I really wanted one as a souvenir. I also admit that I'm not terribly great at making blazers. I thought that if I bought a costume that included one, I could study it. Mostly because I want to be able to make school blazers.

It's from ACos - Animate's Cosplay store.
There were so many there when I got in, but I'll talk about that in one of my later posts.
I got to try it on before buying it. Well, at least they'll let you try on the blazer and skirt. The costume fit me well and it was comfortable.
The only thing that bugged me about it were the snap closures up front. You could see them even while it was closed, but in the end I was actually okay with it and it doesn't bother me as much now.
The cost was somewhere near 10000 yen or 100 dollars at the time. This particular costume seemed less in price than most of the others, maybe it was less expensive to make?
The quality seems really nice. The blazer is lined and all of the pockets are real. The collar on the shirt is really crisp and feels high quality and the shirt actually feels like a real shirt and not just a part of a costume.

This costume is going towards Rin from Little Busters (though I could use it for any of the other female characters as well!)

I just need to get on top of the wig now; I already have one picked out!

If you haven't watched Little Busters, I highly suggest it. It may seem a little average and slice of life and boring at first, but it gets better- Trust me. (Maybe a bit of a spoiler, but it could interest you if you've lost faith in it before this)

 It has a specific twist that kind of reminds me of all those strange theories people write about movies and cartoons. 

(End maybe spoiler)

Or you could play the game. That might be fun, too.

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