Wednesday, April 9, 2014

Post Con Write-up: Pro±Con 2014

It's a week past the convention, and I've finally made my peace with it, so now it's time to talk about it!

Pretty much everything that I said about it last year still stand. It's small but it's still really fun! The maid cafe didn't change very much from last year from what I can tell, other than we had to be indoors because it had been raining earlier. We were set up in the Artist Alley instead.

Well, we weren't for just a bit. Seems like no one from the center had come to open the doors yet! This wasn't the convention's fault, though as they had no control over it. Instead, I helped to guard the goodies for the maid cafe and when the doors were unlocked, I helped to bring them up as well! Before we could open the cafe, we had to set everything up! We all pitched in to put up the decorations as well as putting cupcakes and cookies and goodies on plates and making them look even cuter (Is that possible?!) in presentation. I volunteered to write on the whiteboard as an advertisement and welcome sign to the cafe (and one of the other maids wrote everything in Japanese along with my stuff, so that was really cool!

After everything was set up and priced, we were able to take customers. We'd greet them and be generally helpful and hand them their food and drinks and whatnot. I had a lot of fun and all of the maids and butlers I met were very awesome and cute and just so sweet. <3

And the icing on the cake? 50% of all proceeds from the convention would go to a local charity, including half of the money we made at the cafe. Yay!

I spent a couple of hours helping; more than I originally intended, but it was so fun, I waited until the last minute to get ready for cosplay judging. My cosplay was in a suitcase that I had taken to the con with me. A trip to the bathroom to change would have me from maid to Deformed Diva in time for judging.

Donning the costume I had worked very hard on remaking, I waited for the cosplay judging to begin. Unfortunately, things seemed a little unorganized. They came out to say that they hadn't looked at our entries yet and we weren't given a certain times to see them and had to volunteer to do it (Even though one of the members on the judging panel asked if we had gotten specific times to come in and see them. )

I was now worried that they didn't have my reference picture for the costume or the novel I typed out based on the work I did (which was quite a lot). When I went in, though, I saw they had it up on their tablet and felt a little more relieved. I had five minutes to explain how I had made my costume, but I fear I left way too much out, like how I made the top, because I was particularly proud of it- it's not their fault though. I'm just really bad at speaking on the spot. I was used to being asked particular questions for contests based on the construction and having them look closely at how I made the costume. However, not a single person got up from their chair to examine seams or techniques. However, it's a step up from last year where I don't know what the criteria was.  (Though I sometimes question if I knew exactly what it was here, but for different reasons).

After this, we all marched towards the auditorium hosting the contest. We were seated on one side while all the walk-ons were seated on the other side. I should say that there ended up being more walk-ons than contestants. In fact, there were seven contestants. Just seven. But that is a lucky number, right?

The walk-ons went across first, people cheering when they saw a character they liked. Some of the characters had really amazing posing that they showed off on stage; I was impressed!

And then us contestants were allowed to walk on. I ended up being last in line (My costume is a bit of a handling job when getting up and down in it.) I wished the people in front of me good luck. Cheers were really loud as each contestant walked across the stage. They sound a lot louder when you actually get up there! I didn't expect to hear so many people cheering when I walked across. I had to hold my skirt and it just billowed out behind me and I got so many compliments on my walk because of it after the show.
We then awaited the results of it all. I was so excited to hear the results, even if I didn't win, that I was literally sitting on the edge of my seat! One by one, people were being called up "Best wig" "Best Prop" "3rd place" "Second Place: Alucardalina Claire"... wait.  My heart leapt in my chest. I was resting on the idea that I wasn't going to place- the confidence had dwindled when I had actually went up on stage.

I may have only won second place our of seven people at a local convention, but I had set out to place in this competition to show Charleston that I am a serious cosplayer, to show them my work and to let them know that I exist. I did just that, and I'm proud of myself for reaching that goal.

I spent the rest of the convention at the Doctor Who panel and a friend.

The Doctor Who panel was really good- like it was last year. It's run by a lot of amazing people who are such huuuuge fans and great cosplayers (and some you'd swear were the Doctor). They make it really fun and include the audience in games and reenactments. I would regret not giving them a shout-out on this page. Thank you guys for an awesome panel again.

And thank you to everyone at Pro±Con for making it another fun convention! <3

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