Monday, April 21, 2014

Post Con Write-up: Nashicon 2014

My cosplay list for the con since I never put it up beforehand. 

Another weekend, another convention! I go to so many smaller cons around this time of year. I've mentioned before, but small cons are really fun! Especially when you're spending time with friends.
As you may know, last year I cosplayed Fujiwara no Mokou to the convention. This year I went as Kogasa Tatara! It's a costume I had unfinished in my wardrobe for the longest time. I decided to get it out and finish it (and remake the top). Because it was made from scraps of fabric and lace, I only had to buy a few notions for it- which only added up to less than $11! Maybe I'll get back into my budgeting ways! (Or not?)

It was a rainy day and cool day- my costume might have left me freezing had I not lined the vest and wore tights. I was still pretty cold whenever we were outside, though.
When I arrived, my friends were waiting for me in the convention center. (Their cosplays all looked so great on them!!!). 

 I handed each of them their souvenirs from Japan and we all started our day at the convention!

We visited the dealer's room, which was small- a lot smaller than last year it seemed. With MTAC going on the same weekend, it wasn't really a surprise that many dealers didn't show up I suppose.

I left without buying anything the first time. Except there was this woman at a both who kept trying to take pictures of me. If you're reading this, I wasn't trying to be rude- When someone takes pictures of me without my consent, I tend to think that it can't be anything good. I turn my head away if I see this happening so at least my face has been removed from the picture.
Everytime I walked buy, though, she seemed to be trying to take a picture. I wish she would have instead, motioned me over or something. When I tried to leave the dealer's room the second to last time I was there, I had to pass by her booth to exit. Here, she stuck her camera out in front of my face, very rudely, and snapped a picture by putting the camera directly in my walking path. At that point, it feels a bit creepy, right? I would have gladly given her a photo of me had she asked. We tried reasoning why she would do something. Maybe she couldn't get up from her booth- but again, she could have motioned over. And that idea was even thrown out after I saw her ask several people for pictures of their costumes the last time I was in the room.

But enough of that. The second to last time I was in the dealer's room (We went in several times) I picked up a Castlevania poster from a booth selling older (retro) games and other goodies. It was towards the bottom of the pile, so I didn't find it until I had time and space enough to look through the stack. The last time I was in the dealers room, my friends and I found Touhou posters at another booth. I ended up getting a shiny (Like a holographic pokemon card shiny) poster of Koishi and Satori. I only spent five dollars while I was there. This means that the convention was relatively cheap for me to attend.

For lunch we went to the Menkoi Ramen Shop. I knew I didn't care for ramen, so I got their beef curry instead. We all sat at the bar against the wall, which reminded me of the places I ate fast food in Japan (Ramen included). The curry was decent, and they had grape Calpis, which I had never seen before. Oh, and gyoza, I had that as well.

Then it was back to the convention, where we spent our time sitting around outside and playing games in the game room. Despite how my side had felt a few days before the convention, I thought it was better and played a few easy songs on Stepmania (which is DDR, except on the computer. You can choose to play on a pad (which we did- I prefer to play the game with my feet) or you can choose to play with the keys/controller).

There were some really good players there, still a lot of other people seemed impressed with me, even though I wasn't doing so well. I kept making mistakes like accidentally putting it on 3x instead of 2x or not holding down the start button well enough to even put it on a speed mod! (⊙︿⊙✿) I still had a lot of fun though, even maybe at the expense of my side. We did a little mini photoshoot outside before it really started to rain a lot. It was really cool outside so it was a great place to cool down after the dance games.

At the end of the day, we walked to Camon - another Japanese restaurant- and ate there. We had sukiyaki together, three pots of delicious food lined up on the table. It was a great meal to end the day with and we were all exhausted. After that, we walked back to our vehicles and said our goodbyes for now and went home.  Smaller cons are certainly loads of fun, especially when you're there with friends. If I can, I'll be coming back next year as well. If you're in the area, I encourage you to check it out as well. 

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