Wednesday, April 30, 2014

Cosplay Wednesday: Toyosatomimi no Miko

Cosplay Wednesday!

It's come back around to that time of the week, huh? I better get on taking some more cosplay pictures or I'm going to run out of pictures too soon! (((╹ะด╹;)))
For now, here's Toyosatomimi no Miko from Touhou Project! I cosplayed this back in 2011 for Anime Weekend Atlanta! My sword was probably the most creative and cheapest part of this costume since it was made from pizza boxes and leftover foam and foamboard.

The sectioned belt was probably the most difficult thing to make. It took a lot of painting and gluing and tessellating. (I honestly don't even remember how it's put on right now).

Like a lot of my costumes, this was made mostly with scraps. I also had to dye quite a few of the pieces (like the lace and bottom of the shirt). As usual, I was proud to wear this costume and call it mine!

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