Wednesday, April 16, 2014

Cosplay Wednesday: Cirno and Yuuka

 Today I wanted to do a showcase of not just me, but my wonderful little sister as well! I know I've mentioned this before and even posted a picture, but I wanted to go ahead and put up the set.

It all started one day when I my family came to visit me. My little sister wanted us to dress up in costumes, so we picked out two of my costumes; Yuuka and Cirno from Touhou Project. It was really cold outside and at first we had our coats on, but we would have to take them off for pictures. At that point, my sister decided to fit the character more and just not wear the coat and took the cold on. She reminds me a lot of Cirno and she'd flutter around everywhere; I was always chasing after her. We had a lot of fun, though.


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