Thursday, March 27, 2014

Cosplay Wednesday: White Mage

Hello! It's not Wednesday anymore; I forgot to post things up because I was working on a costume for a convention this weekend!

For Anime Weekend Atlanta 2013, I decided to take the route of comfortable cosplays. I wanted an easy cosplay to make since my other two were going to be time consuming. I had been wanting to do the Final Fantasy Tactics White Mage cosplay for a couple of years now; it was the design that I always liked best in the game.

The costume itself was very easy to make. It did require a lot more thread than I anticipated though (Since I was originally going to glue the triangles down but ended up sewing them about twice over. I also wanted to go with a brown staff instead of blue, just for aesthetic reasons. It was also a nice choice for a summery day; The fabric was really light and because of the structure of it, the air flows right through! (I would hate to wear it on a winter day though, yikes!) I also forgot my gloves in the hotel room, so I'll probably be taking more pictures of this cosplay sometime!


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