Friday, January 10, 2014

More Wigs!

Speaking of wigs!

I got some wigs from the Epic Cosplay Black Friday Sale!

They were really inexpensive because it was actually in the clearance section that I chose them from. I tried picking out a wig for a character I really wanted to do and a wig that I could use for several different characters.

In the end I got two Aphrodite styled wigs.
Princess Dark Pink
Caramel Blonde

A small review on them:
These wigs are thick and textured with all the layers they have in them. I find them very easy to work with The bangs, especially, have a lot of hair that makes them very thick and I really like that.
My only concern is that the pink one is really large. Even on the last hooks, it's too big for my head.  (´・_・`)
That's okay, though. Nothing I can't fix for myself!

I'm a little under the weather so I look very tired! ( ´・ะด・` )

I chose the pink one for a set of cosplays I've been really wanting to do for a long time now. As you can see, I already styled it a bit. 

The cosplay? Nijihara Ink from Moetan! 

The blonde wig will be going towards lots of cosplays, including many Touhou cosplays. <3

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