Thursday, January 9, 2014

I saved a wig today!!!

I haven't updated in a while because I'm getting ready for my trip to Japan as well as enjoying my New Year's week with friends <3.

As for the actual topic for today's post, I saved a wig!
One of my friends was about to trash his wig after a bad cut on the bangs (which wasn't his fault). I asked if I could have it and he agreed. He sent it down with an amazing Christmas gift, too. I told him that I could repair the wig and that once I did, we could share it at conventions if he ever needed it again.

The results so far?
If you click the picture, you can read it better!  (^・ω・^ )

And this is just the beginning! I still plan on adding some extensions to it to fully repair the bangs as well as fill in some thin areas AND I'm going to use the rest of the extensions to create two small clip on ponytails for a certain recreation of an old cosplay I will be working on!

I'm quite proud of myself for transforming this wig with just some cutting and styling.

And when I'm done I'll post more pictures! 

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