Friday, December 20, 2013

A Happy Merry Wintersday to You, Too!

I got something exciting in the mail!

On the counter where the mail is kept, I found an envelope sent from Arenanet to Alucardalina Claire.
Yep, the same Arenanet who created the Guild Wars series! Who knew that they had started sending bans out via snail-mail....

I'm kidding! It was a wonderful and beautiful Wintersday card! It's all thanks to a friend, too. <3 You know who you are.  I'm very grateful. I was supposed to get one last year too but it never came in the mail.

Front of the card <3

The inside! 

It will be standing beside my card from Naveen, the founder of Chronicles of Tyria!

Speaking of which, we started doing a different sort of lorecast type thing by starting a Let's Play. Here's the first two videos. If you're interested in Guild Wars Lore or just the game in general, check it out! <3

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