Sunday, June 16, 2013

Patchouli WIP

  My good sewing machine broke recently and it turns out that I'm going to have to get a new one because taking it to any other place than the Tennessee location voids it's warranty. Instead I brought out my old clunker of a machine (which I abandoned thanks to it preferring to eat fabrics rather than sew them) and tried it out in an attempt to make progress on at least something.  I thought that Patchouli, with the really light fabrics I had for her, would be the best thing to try on this machine for now.  It seems that if I'm not sewing through a certain weight of fabric then it's fine.

My Patchouli cosplay will be for Anime Weekened Atlanta where I will be holding the Touhou Trivia Panel for the second year now (This time with a few more copanelists.) I wanted to go all out on this costume since Zun will be attending the convention. Instead of following the canon design absolutely I decided to take some of my own creative liberties with it. The last time I made this costume I ended up not being very happy with it and got rid of it. This time I'll be doing whatever I want for it! This means lots of frills, lace, cameos, and whatever else I want to do with it.

Progress photo
 So far I've managed to make the dress. Every piece of fabric on this is see-through normally, but with the layers I put together it's now rather opaque. I think the funnest part on this dress was something I've never done this way- The waistband. Most of the time I don't really worry about the waist of my costumes because they're usually covered. This one ended up being kind of like my Orin dress' waistband but this one instead buttons up with the bodice and is a lot tighter around my waist (still quite a bit of room left between the dress and my waist, but keeping in mind that it is supposed to be nightwear). Since this all was a striped pattern I had to play with cutting the shapes out on the fabric but it seems to have turned out pretty well.
There is an underskirt underneath the striped fabric. At one point I was afraid that the bottom of the lower tier of the striped fabric was too bare and looked through my laces and found the most perfect lace (one that I hadn't found a use for in years time). There are a bit of 'tinsel-esque' stripes in the fabric and the lace has the same kind of look at the bottom and it just fit perfectly.

I feel like a princess in this dress <3 I really do. It's so sparkly and flowy and cute.

Finished Dress

My other project, which I finished earlier, was her magic book. 

As someone who was often a library assistant, I was pained to tear this book apart. I'm happy enough that while I was tearing pages, I left the pictures and words in tact so it's still readable. The edges of the pages went from smooth to jagged and I added a few more pages in it with runes and magic circles. I also yellowed each page with distress ink. On the outside I painted the cover black with a sponge and put metal edges for an older look. I leafed the gold magic circles and runes on and distressed that as well. I may end up putting a few more pages in, but I'm feeling pretty good about it right now.

As for the costume itself, I'm currently working on the overcoat, which I had to lighten from a rather bright, nearly hot pink fabric. It lightened a bit more than I would have liked, but it's technically accurate to the character portrait so I think I'm just going to go with it. 

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