Wednesday, May 15, 2013

Magnolia Plantation

Last Friday was National Public Gardens Day and I was ready for an offer like this. I've been watching on Magnolia Plantation for a while; really, it's a beautiful place and I've wanted to take pictures there for a long time. For the NPGD they offered to let everyone come into the garden for free with a special pass from Homes & Gardens' website. I took this as a sign and went ahead and brought Komachi out again.

I've been dying to finally get pictures of my Komachi costume so I could take down the wig and use it for what I bought it for: Mitsuru from Persona 3. What I didn't know was that because my bust grew bigger, I (ironically) would not be able to fit it into Komachi again, at least without rigging it up. So I'm throwing that on my cosplays to remake/fix list.

As for the actual gardens, they were absolutely beautiful. A lot of people, when they think of Charleston, think of sandy beaches, fair weather, and palm trees. In truth, there's probably more swamps, bogs, and marshes than any of that. Of course, these are much more beautiful than one might think. The Magnolia adventure is more like a mixture of a large flower and shrub garden with swamps scattered throughout. There's even a bamboo forest with Asian style statues and arched bridges. I will definitely be going back there out of costume sometime (when it isn't so hot).

The employees really didn't mind me being in costume (some even seemed to enjoy it), even lugging my scythe around, which was taken apart in between pictures.  t. Can I take the time to mention that I love my scythe? One of my friends made it for me back before Seishuncon the year I redid the costume.

Also, at one point, an alligator decided to swim to the spot I wanted to take a picture. He just rested there for a while and seemed pretty cool with everyone. I didn't get to take a picture there and you probably wouldn't know it, but the picture of me on the white bridge is actually me watching the alligator sleep.

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