Tuesday, April 16, 2013

Conventions of 2013 - So Far - And Other Things

Hello again!

I thought it might be time to update the blog again with some of my cosplay and convention adventures. I've been working on cosplay quite a bit lately since I've gotten back into the groove of sewing. I know I'm usually known for my Touhou cosplays, but I've been trying to cosplay some other characters I've had on my to cosplay list and take my Touhou cosplay in smaller portions.

Momocon 2013

So first off, my first convention of the year was Momocon of course! They moved again, but I think I prefer the last hotel. This year's hotel was small and narrow and hard to move through/easy to get lost in. However, this is the first con hotel that has respected our wishes to be placed on a bottom floor (due to my fear of elevators). I don't know that I'll return to Momocon next year due to wanting to move to different conventions, but that'll be decided later on this year anyway.
My costumes for Momocon 2013 were:
Swimsuit Rikka - Chuunibyou demo Koi ga Shitai!
Art Lover/Critic Rarity - My Little Pony: Friendship is Magic
Alucardalina Claire - Guild Wars 2
Eirin - Touhou Project (not pictured)

Rikka: I forgot to check if the hotel had an indoor pool like last year's hotel. They didn't have one, so I braved the cold and went out for pictures outdoors. You can expect me to do more Rikka cosplays as well! I have a dedicated styled wig for her.
Rarity: This kind of costume is really not something I usually wear or make. It's a skintight dress that I made by having my body traced onto fabric and sewing that together. I think it's one of my first few dresses that didn't need any extra things like zipper/buttons/elastic. It's also a very different make-up style that doesn't suit my face outside of the costume @_@. But I loved being this totally different look in a character I love.
Alucardalina: My Guild Wars 1 & 2 character, Alucardalina Claire, is really important to me. When I got the chance to host a Guild Wars lore panel at Momocon, I knew I just had to dress up as my character from the second game. I put a lot of love into this costume and some of the pieces were very difficult to figure out how to make. I enjoy every second of being in this costume and having my character come to life.
Eirin: I'm sorry I don't have any pictures of this costume yet!!! I know I crossed a sort of line with this costume though. I find materials to be very important when making a costume. To get the pattern I wanted, I had to do something drastic: Crushed panne velour/velvet. Half of it was made from amazing quality and the other half, not so much, but I think it all came together in the end and I got that really splotchy look she has on her dress with the different shines and lightings. I paired it with a light white fabric with no sort of pattern or look to it. I guess it reminds me of stocking material? I'm actually very happy with this costume. I'll post pictures when I can.

Procon 2013

Then there was Procon, a convention I learned about the Wednesday before the weekend of the con. This was the week after Momocon as well, so I was already feeling kind of pooped as far as costumes went but this was in my town free to get in. I didn't make another costume for this event at all. I decided to just cosplay Index again, this time with the stuffed cat I got (Sphinx). I had one person recognize me (Unless no one else spoke up but knew). I also entered the costume contest. It was a very silly contest and I wish it were run better, but it was really fun none-the-less. We had to get on the stage and act in character and answer a few questions about our costumes and one random question at the end. I mentioned that I was hungry (in character) while I was talking and an 11 Doctor cosplayer in the front row pulled out a burger from his pocket, which was really funny. The contest had nothing to do with whether you made the costume or not or how good it looked/ how well it was put together. I don't even know that it was based on our acting. To put it simply, I don't know what the qualifications were to win.  The con was really small, the maid cafe was a bake sale, and everything wasn't very well put together, however I met some really cool people there. Everyone who ran it was enthusiastic and loved what they were doing and that's all that matters. Also, the Doctor Who panel was really fun - my favorite part aside from spending the convention with my best friend and her sister, my momma number 2, and my little brother! You can count me in for next year, too.

Nashicon 2013

Last but not least, I took a visit to Nashicon this past weekend. This is a convention I always wanted to go to but never could. They're now taking this convention "seriously" and put it in a convention center and had a plan about it. I couldn't be happier about that and I can only see growth coming their way! I spent most of my time in the game room watching others play games, and playing a little DDR myself. The weather outside was really nice, too, so I spent a lot of time outside in the shade just hanging out. There was a Satori figure in the dealer's room that I was going to get because it had Orin as a cat on it, but it was gone by the time I came back for it. That opened a gateway into a big purchase though. I ended up trying on a furisode at the Kimono USA booth. For those of you who don't know, furisode are really formal kimonos with the really long sleeves that are usually worn by unmarried girls under the age of 25. I fell in love with it, but I realized that I have no place to wear it. Instead, I ended up getting a kimono for daily wear and I'm currently putting together the outfit by shopping for shoes and possibly making my own kanzashi for it. Then you may see me waddling around town in it sometime.

As for my Mokou costume, I was originally putting it together to share it with someone, but as they couldn't go to the con they planned on wearing it to, I left it in it's unfinished condition in order to work on the other costumes. Following my resolution, I decided to pick it up and finish it in time for Nashicon. I'm particularly proud of this costume because I followed through on all the things I wanted it to be. I wanted to have the puffy pants and brownish shirt like the IN art. I hand painted the bows and designed the seals myself. All of the seals on the pants are made from paper. The only fixes I want to make are to get a dedicated wig and having some red boots to go with it. She's a rather serious and tomboyish character and I have a hard time portraying her since I'm usually bubbly characters and bubbly myself. I hope people didn't think I was mean because I always had a straight look or scowl on my face for pictures! 

As a bonus, have a picture of me dressed as Mokou wearing a furisode!
Now on to the other things section!

It's spring and though I'm all sneezy thanks to the pollen and wilting in the warm weather, I've taken advantage of spring cleaning and decided to win the battle with the mess of fabric I've had sitting in storage bins. In the process, I came up with an idea to keep myself organized and motivated. Instead of just putting the fabric for a project together and laying it on top of yet another project, I would simply separate them into ziplock bags and put names in. I can see what I need to do clearly now rather than rummaging through to find the skirt fabric to the shirt I just made. As such, here's a sneak peak of some of the projects I have planned for the future!

Some of these things aren't costumes and some of them are costumes I've had before but have deconstructed in hopes of remaking them again and even better than the first time. Since I've taken this picture, I've already finished making my apron and am now working on a blouse from the pile! 

Also, I finished up a commission for a friend and customer of mine. They wanted a Flandre costume and I made them one!
Then we had a lot of fun at Frankies when we met up; We ended up playing laser tag and minigolf together. I dressed up as Yuuka and they put on their Flandre costume for the first time. I'm glad that we became friends and hope we can spend more time together.

Now that it's becoming warmer and warmer, you can expect to see more swimsuit pictures in the future! And hopefully I can take some pictures of the costumes I don't have any of yet.

I'm off to do other things now before I ramble even more than I already have!