Saturday, December 29, 2012

Remembering 2012

So, it's been a great year for costumes! Well, kind of. I lost my motivation sometime in the mess of AWA, so I haven't been able to keep up with things properly. Hopefully I'll get over that in the year of 2013! 2013 will be my year of "Finish old costumes" and "Work-out". Basically, all that fabric lying around that is specifically for a character, I'm going to finally get around to making it. And in order to do my two Guild Wars (1 & 2) cosplays, I want a toned stomach since I'll be showing a lot of it. I'm going to work out and achieve that goal!

For now, here's a list of my convention costumes of 2012!

Top to bottom, left to right: Makise Kurisu - Stein's Gate, White Len - Melty Blood, Tsumiki Miniwa - Acchi Kocchi
Kuroneko (comiket outfit) - OreImo, Index - to aru majutsu no index, Kuroneko (beach queen version) - OreImo
Tsumiki (swimsuit original version) - Acchi Kocchi, DJ Iroha Umegiri - Beatmania IIDX, Kotohime - Touhou Project
Rin Kaenbyou - Touhou Project

There were many more costumes made/worn throughout the year for non-convention purposes, but I wanted to post the convention ones up at least. It's been a good year and I'm happy with my progress. In fact, I even got to attend cons I've never been to previously and met a lot of great people! 

Oh, and one more thing! I think my most favorite picture of the year (even if it wasn't taken at a con) is this one: 

Me and my little sister cosplaying together. Cirno is now her favorite character.
I will cherish that moment forever. <3

Monday, December 17, 2012

So, I'm watching anime again.

   So, I haven't written a blog entry in forever!!! Please excuse me!

I picked up an anime this season called 'K'. I don't remember what grabbed me into watching this, I don't think it was the story, or the art. Perhaps it was just to give it a try because it didn't seem entirely ridiculous by the plot.  However, I'm pretty glad I stuck with it.

To give you a summary of it in my own words: K is an anime set in a futuristic world. There are several kings of color that wield magic in order to pursue their own goals. Usually, they don't get involved in each other's affairs; this all changes when Yashiro Isana is targeted by the blue and red kings for killing an innocent subject of the red king. Only thing is, Shiro doesn't remember killing him at all. Now he's on the run with a man who may or may not kill him and his cat who takes the form of a young girl.

The execution of the story is really nice. It doesn't just hand you the answers on a silver platter every episode. No, this is one of those anime that keeps you questioning what everything really means. The thing I like most about K is that there are no bad guys. Everyone has their own reasonable answer as to why they are fighting.

If you like supernatural kinds of shows, pretty environments, and excellent fighting scenes, you may be in for a treat on this one. Not to mention, it has a pretty amazing soundtrack. Needless to say, this is becoming one of my more favorite anime. I can't wait to see where it goes! 

I also plan to cosplay as Neko. She's really a cute character!