Thursday, September 13, 2012

Bodyline Review 2

I absolutely adore Bodyline at this point. I know a lot of people say they have problems with them, but this is my fourth-fifth (I lost count) order and I've not had a problem with them. This time, I ordered a school girl uniform cosplay and a quartered-split wig.

The uniform (COSTUME410) is mostly for the skirt since I couldn't find one for my Tsumiki cosplay and I have waaaay too much to make right now to put it on my list. So, I ordered the uniform in blue. The entire time it was on it's way, I was afraid that it may not be the color blue I wanted, since I keep my monitor on gaming mode. It came in and was precisely the color I wanted (and though it would look like with the gamma turned down). Opposed to my winter uniform I purchased from them, the summer uniform is light and breezy. It's very well made and it came packaged in a plastic garment bag with a hanger. The lines on the collar and sleeves are made from a really soft and silky cord that intricately loops at the corners.The skirt is pleated perfectly and the bow that comes with the outfit is adjustable.  I'm certainly impressed.  

As for the wig, I wasn't sure how Bodyline's wigs were going to turn out. I've only seen them in pictures on the site, but I've always wanted a split wig of some sorts. Each of them looked natural and I liked the look of a bob since I have long hair (It'd be a nice change up!) So I place an order for a quarter-split wig (w048) in lb-y-db (Light brown/Dark brown). It's been a color combination I've been desiring for about a year now for a split wig, so I took a chance and ordered it. When it came in, it looked a little thin in the packaging. The package itself was nice- what you'd expect from a high quality wig. When I took it out and put it on, though, the fibers fell into place and the wig was super thick. The fiber looks really natural, so much so that people thought I had cut my hair! It's really soft, yet realistic feeling- like well groomed hair. I'm happy I took a chance and now I will be eyeing their other natural looking wigs for the future!

Overall, I rate my experience with them a 10/10. 
Yet again, I can't wait to shop with them again. They're really inexpensive and their quality has always been really great for me. <3

If you're interested in either of these items, here are some links!

Me wearing them both!