Wednesday, July 25, 2012

Vote for me!

I entered a Guild Wars 2 screenshot contest. The winner gets the Guild Wars 2 SteelSeries set, including a gaming mouse, headphones, and some mousepads. The top 20 of the viewers votes will have a chance at winning them. They will then narrow it down to six, so there will be six winners. Please help me get into that top six!

Please vote for me here! 
Since a lot of people have a lot of friends on Facebook, they get a lot of votes. I only friend people I know in real life on my Facebook page for security reasons, so I don't even have a hundred friends on Facebook, especially since a lot of my friends refuse to use Facebook. This means that I need your help to get me to the top! I worked very hard on picking out locations and getting just the right picture for my submission.  So please help!
 As for now, I'll just post up some other screenshots I took that I considered! I particularly loved the Grove. The contrasts of everything made me ooh and aah all weekend long! <3