Monday, June 11, 2012

More Guild Wars 2 Beta

Beta Weekend Event 2 has ended, and I took plenty of pictures! Most of them you can check out on my Project Tyria blog, however, some don't really belong there, so I will upload them here! You can click the pictures to make them larger

First off, my character. I recently got a new skirt for her that I really like, so she no longer looks like a Guild Wars 1 monk.

I also put a fun box out for everyone before the end of the event for everyone to enjoy on Sorrow's Furnace server.

Giant me!

Playing as a Sylvari

The ending event was based on Kralkatorrik flying over and corrupting everything. The waypoints became crystals and even normal enemies were made into level 80 monsters from the elder crystal dragon. Looking in the sky, you could sometimes see the dragon, though it was rather puny in size compared to what it was described to be. If you were killed, you were corrupted and became an enemy. All monsters became allies, and anything else became enemies. Players could kill other players for the first time in GW2 PvE. It was pretty fun, but it ended abruptly.
Corrupted Devourer

Helping out Rytlock

(Except it was later used as the Shatterer)

My corrupted character

Corrupted character back