Tuesday, May 29, 2012

Little Tokyo Trip

A few weekends ago I got to visit Little Tokyo in LA. It was my first time in a place like this! I had loads of fun, and I wore one of my bodyline dresses (the blue one with the beret) . A lot of people thought I was really cute!

It started off with waking up in the morning to ride my very first people train! Trains usually scare me, but I've always been interested in riding a people train. It wasn't scary at all and it was kind of like riding a bus or a plane. It was two stories and we rode on the top story. The train went through tunnels in mountains to get to the destination, so sometimes it was really dark outside!!

I wanted Shabu Shabu, but the restaurant was full! We didn't realize you had to sign in and they would call your name until later. For the moment we decided to eat at the Yamazaki bakery. I had a blueberry cake roll. It was really yummy, but it was too big for me to finish!! They had so many cute and yummy looking sweets there and were so very inexpensive! I can't wait to go back and eat more! Maybe I'll get some to bring home with me!

Then I got to visit the Sanrio store there. It should be called the Hello Kitty store because there wasn't a lot of anything else there. Surprisingly the things were cheaper at the Navy Exchange for the same products there so I decided not to get anything. I ventured around to more stores. They had a lot of cat related items, which made me very happy! So many cute kitties on everything!!

There were a lot of other things that I wanted, but I decided to save my money.  We finally got a spot at Shabu Shabu house and the feast began! It was very yummy, and unlike the shabu shabu I've had before, we each had our own pot to boil food in.  I got lean meat and at that and the carrots and lots of the cabbage together. I think next time I might want to purchase some of their sauce for when I am able to have my own shabu shabu party!

There was also this wish tree outside of the Shabu Shabu house. I wanted to make a wish, but the tree was full. I hope some of the wishes have come true for people!

I got a smoothie at the Family Mart as well. It has BOBA beads at the bottom. Are they tapioca balls? They didn't taste like tapioca, but a little more fruity. Maybe they were in fruit juice? I had a strawberry smoothie on top of it and it was very delicious.  I also got some sweets from the market- One was chocolate covered macadamia nuts, which were awesome, and they were a Hello Kitty item! The other was Pucca, pretzel fish with strawberry creme inside. They were not as good as everything else, but were still pretty tasty!

Then we went to the mall. There was a bookstore that we visited and they had so many neat things there. Then we went to a store full of San-X items. My new obsession is kutusitanyanko- Cat with socks. It's so cute, especially the puffy cat found next to her sometimes. I've named it puff! I bought a white board to help me remember to do things! As you can see, I needed to pick up some cat food! I got a pair of chopsticks that made up for the ones I lost a few years ago. They have the lucky cat on them!

Then we had curry at the Curry House. It was one of the best curries I've ever had. I had the mild chicken curry. I couldn't stop eating it, even when I was full! I can't wait to go back and have more someday! It was the absolute highlight of my day. If you're ever in the area, I suggest you have some of their curry! I had a lot of fun in Little Tokyo and can't wait to visit the real Tokyo some day!