Tuesday, May 15, 2012

Guild Wars/Guild Wars 2 Comparison Screenshots Part 1

    One of the things I absolutely adore are before and after pictures. Don't know why, maybe I like progress? But in celebration of the upcoming Guild Wars 2, I decided to do some comparison pictures to show the progress Tyria has made in the last 250 years.  On another note, because my character hasn't really changed (in appearance, class, race, or anything else) other than her hairstyle, I've decided that she's just immortal and might have amnesia, because that's funny to me.

   I plan to add more later, but this is all the ones I feel like uploading for now and doing side by sides of (I still have several places I've screenshot).

Lions Arch/ Old Lions arch

Lions Arch/ Old Lions arch
Temple of the Ages
Barradin Estate


Rin(Nolani Academy)/Black Citadel

The Breach