Wednesday, May 9, 2012

Coming Through!!!!

  Hello again! Another new change is coming to my blog. My friend has agreed to make me a new banner! This one should better fit with my new theme.
  Being over here in Californai is still a bit odd feeling for me, but this weekend we might go to Japantown and Chinatown in LA. I'm hoping they have Sukiyaki~  And speaking of Asian food, I made stir fry the other night. It's one of my go to meals when we have a lot of veggies in the cabinet! I usually cook Asian inspired foods because they are a little more healthy and have low sodium and starch content. This particular stir fry is teriyaki with everything but the kitchen sink! It has green beans, carrots, broccoli, potatoes, and chicken.

  I also got to go to Outback Steakhouse the other night. There steaks are always well seasoned and I love having rare steaks. It's one of my favorite foods! For desert, I had a Chocolate Thunder from Down Under. It was so much chocolatey goodness that it gave me a tummy ache! It was worth it!

  The cats seem to enjoy it here, but they're so used to a big house they can run around in. They make up for the size of the room by instead matrix jumping off of everything. They eventually wear themselves out though and become cuddly.


  I'm also working on my Hello Kitty collection. As a small girl, I used to beg my parents for Hello Kitty items, specifically the Jewelry box and Magic mirror! While I don't have my Magic mirror anymore and never got the jewelry box, I still love Hello Kitty merchandise.  The other day I managed to pick up a Hello Kitty toothbrush for only a dollar at the 99cent store!