Saturday, May 12, 2012

♥Artist Spotlight♥

Page of Maroon War comic
    An amazing friend and artist made my banner at the top of the page. Today I want to put a spotlight on her. She's known as Maroonwar on; a name based on the comic series she draws. She is also better known as Lindsay. Lindsay is an aspiring mangaka with an upbeat personality. She has been working on her comic diligently for several years now and has gained a lot of pageviews and watchers. I think she needs more. Why? Because her stories are interesting and the characters are deep. It's not uncommon to find traits like this, but it's still too common that I find flat characters and drab stories gain popularity over the real gems. 
    And it isn't even just her manga that's great. She has a whole arsenal of art styles and is well rounded in her mediums. It all ranges from cute to dark to parody and in digital to traditional. I personally love her cute style and asked her to make my banner. I love the big eyes and light colors she uses for all of her cute type drawings.
    I don't even know where to start for my banner. She did exactly what I asked and more! I gave her a picture of the outfit I wanted in the picture along with some details and told her I wanted it to be cute. She did exactly that, but it was 1)cuter than I expected (from already good expectations) and 2) she took the time to put Racecar in the banner with me. I nearly cried for joy when I saw that. 
     Not to mention, she's one of my best friends and I've known her since we were both in kindergarten together as teeny tiny little tots. Lindsay is like a sister to me. She's always been so good to me, and I've watched her grow not only as a person, but as an artist.  I have high expectations for her coming greatness and I hope that one day a company can sign her for her comic work.
  So, I ask that if you have the time, take a look at her artwork [Here] and to read her comic [Here]. I support her all the way, and again, I love all the work she does. She's a real gem that needs a little more attention. I encourage you to watch her if you have a deviantart account.

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