Wednesday, April 11, 2012

Changes to the Site

   So, in an effort to fill some of my time and add a bit to this blog, I've decided to take my love of video games and start typing up reviews on games as I play through them. I will review not only newer games, but old school games as well (Since I go through those quicker than I do newer games.) I've decided I want to eventually do video reviews of games as well, so I will link those as I put them on my Youtube as well. I'm still getting the site set up to handle posts on different pages, but for now, the reviews will be single posts on their respective pages. I'll keep the front updated as I add to those. And go easy on me! I've never really attempted an actual review on games, but I'll do my very best!!!

Also, I promised pictures of my Bodyline dresses. I have pictures of one of them so far (The G986). Here are just a few. I may upload more to my DeviantArt. I want to make it clear that I don't think I know enough about Lolita to dress it. Instead, I like to think I'm just wearing things I think are cute together with Lolita as an inspiration for this outfit!

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