Monday, April 30, 2012

Game Review: Beta Guild Wars 2

   An anticipated and upcoming game; the sequel of Guild Wars. The world of Tyria has grown up and a new threat has presented itself: Dragons. I got to play the beta and I have to say that I'm impressed. I'm not new to the Guild Wars scene and the first is one of my favorite games. I've read the published books leading up to GW2 and I expect great things.
   You get to choose from five different races (only three in the beta, which will have an asterisk beside them): Human*, Norn*, Charr*, Asura, and Sylvari. I'm personally most excited to play Sylvari, which was not playable in the beta weekend. Instead, I chose human as my main. The character creation process can be really generic or detailed depending on what you feel like doing. It reminds me a lot of the Sims creation. Just before that  you get to choose your profession: Guardian, Warrior, Engineer, Ranger, Thief, Elementalist, Mesmer, or Necromancer. I decided on Elementalist because I always tend to play mages and eles on video games.  After choosing what your character will look like you get to choose a personality for them: Charm, Dignity, or Ferocity. I chose Dignity since it suited what I wanted my character to be. In game, you get to level up any of them despite choosing just one. I don't really know if they make a difference, but it will help in some of the quests you are given. You also get to choose which god you follow and your life story. My human, Alucardalina Claire, is a noble who doesn't know who her real parents are. The storyline has been fitted to reflect that. My missions are usually based on finding my parents and looking for clues as to where I might find them.
   As for the gameplay, I find it very interesting. Unlike Guild Wars 1, you can now jump and the worlds aren't unique to you and your party. There are no henchmen this time around, but it isn't difficult to get help when you need it by some passing stranger. Possibly the most interesting things are the world events. Players band together to reach a common goal. Usually these events are random and can pop up at any time. They range from collecting items on the ground, to killing huge Swamp Behemoths from the underworld.  And no matter where you go, there is bound to always be an event going on.
   The combat system is pretty neat as well. Instead of putting skills on your skill bar, you level up your use of a weapon and get certain skills pertaining to that. You can switch your attribution on a dime as well. I'm always a fire elementalist, but if I wanted to be an ice mage I could just click the ice attribution at the top of my skill bar and start learning ice spells, even in the middle of combat. Instead of fighting huge groups like in GW1 there are now single enemies that you could take on by yourself.
  The beta weekend finale was amusing for this weekend. We had to fight a legendary bunny, forest critters, and Champion Bloodthirsty Black Moas (and boy were they a lot) in order to gain Norn glory. Our server managed to gather 200K+ in the end before we were kicked off.
  All in all, the GW2 beta is kind of awesome and I look forward to playing the full game and getting my Rytlock figure from my Collectors Edition.

Overall Rating:
Art: 9/10
Gameplay: 9/10
Entertainment: 10/10
Overall: 9/10

Steven Colbear

Tuesday, April 24, 2012

Game Review: ChatChat

  ChatChat is a free online game about cats. It's a very simple game and I find it to be very fun. First off, the game does not have a plot. You can make it up yourself or just play the game without one. You start off as a cat of a random color, though the name is up to yourself. Placed in front of a house, you may be unsure what to do. However, the answer if simple: anything. It's up to you to live the life of a cat, as cats truly live. You venture around, checking out your surroundings, sleeping and stalking other cats.
   The game can be really boring or really fun, depending on how you play it. There are dogs in the game; if you get bitten by one, you turn into a dog yourself. You can choose to avoid dogs like mad, or to get bitten or offer a mouse at the dog shrine to become one yourself. If you choose to stay a cat, you can instead offer mice at the doorstep, which will rack up points. These points are a lot like Who's Line is it Anyways' points. They're useless but fun to get. Dashing in between dogs to get mice and gain points is my personal favorite way to play, especially when there are dogs playing along.

   The art of this game is very simple. The pixeling doesn't have a lot of variety or detail, but it gets the point across. The cat sprites are very cute, much like their real counterparts. You get a few different emotes as a cat- sleeping, screeching, meowing, and purring. You don't get to do more than be a cat while you're in ChatChat. It makes plenty of sense that way and the instructions are clear: Be a cat.
   MMOs don't get much simpler than this one. You don't have to pay to play it, and you don't have to be any good at games. You can just jump right in and create your own fun.  There's even a piano room for musicians, if you can find it.

My ratings?
Art: 7/10
Gameplay: 10/10
Entertainment: 7/10
Overall: 8/10

I have to admit that I'm really fond of this game. It's simple and it is relevant to my interests. And I absolutely adore the /screech command. One of my favorite MMOs out there.

Monday, April 16, 2012

Garnier Fructis Pure Clean Review

    So, today I'm going to review an item for the first time on my blog. I plan to do several reviews of different things/genres of items and I will eventually get them sorted into pages. I think I'll group the posts together on each page, but still post them on the first page. So it will be easier to find them.
   Today I am reviewing Garnier Fructis Pure Clean shampoo and conditioner. I was excited to run out and get it when I saw the commercial for it on the tele. I'm very interested in recyclable and organic (overall green) items. This falls under the recyclable item, but I still wouldn't suggest anyone buying it. Here's why.
   My initial wash seemed fine until my hair dried. As soon as it did, I took a look in the mirror to see any improvements it had made to my hair. Upon looking, my hair looked really dry, dull, and especially lifeless. It seemed that the bottle and commercials were telling me the opposite of what the product was actually doing to my hair. Later that night, my hair looked really oily and greasy. It went to looking worse than what it looked like before washing it! Gross! My hair felt sticky and the stickiness even rubbed off on my fingers.
  I thought that maybe it just needed a few days to get the previous products' damage out of my hair. So, I was kind enough to give it about two weeks. Nothing changed other than that my hair looks darker and duller in color now.  I tried several ways to make it work. I let my hair dry different ways, drip dry, in a towel, and even the hair dryer. I spent long times trying to wash it out and even washed the soap out quickly. Nothing seemed to make a difference.

  So, as for my ratings:
Quality: 1/5
Clean: -1/5
Price: 0/5
Overall Rating: 0/5
  My verdict is that it's not worth the money spent on it. It may not be putting chemicals in your hair, but it feels like you've just dived into a pit of oil. If silicone makes my hair feel more alive and less greasy, I'm going to stick with that.

Thursday, April 12, 2012

Cold Beaches

I wasn't able to get many, but here are some of my new Chiyuri pictures I'll have more when it actually decides to warm up here! <3

Wednesday, April 11, 2012

Changes to the Site

   So, in an effort to fill some of my time and add a bit to this blog, I've decided to take my love of video games and start typing up reviews on games as I play through them. I will review not only newer games, but old school games as well (Since I go through those quicker than I do newer games.) I've decided I want to eventually do video reviews of games as well, so I will link those as I put them on my Youtube as well. I'm still getting the site set up to handle posts on different pages, but for now, the reviews will be single posts on their respective pages. I'll keep the front updated as I add to those. And go easy on me! I've never really attempted an actual review on games, but I'll do my very best!!!

Also, I promised pictures of my Bodyline dresses. I have pictures of one of them so far (The G986). Here are just a few. I may upload more to my DeviantArt. I want to make it clear that I don't think I know enough about Lolita to dress it. Instead, I like to think I'm just wearing things I think are cute together with Lolita as an inspiration for this outfit!