Friday, March 30, 2012


   As I'm still getting ready for my travel Monday, I decided to sit down and write up another blog post. I have so much to do, but I can't do a lot of it until tomorrow, so for now I'm biding my time doing other things.
  I thought maybe I'd leave you guys with a few things I've not uploaded to very many places, if at all.

  First off, I had forgotten to upload my modified Butterbeer tutorial up here. I've recently changed a lot of stuff again since I'm lactose intolerant. Who knew they made lactose free ice cream? Perhaps I'll do another tutorial with all of that stuff. (You'll need to click on it for the full sized version)

I've also not posted anything of Racecar's pendant or shrine. He's still near and dear to me. I would like to share these with everyone:

 I have been playing a game with my friends lately called "Draw Something". It's really fun. It's a lot like pictionary. It's in the apple app store or the android app market. There's a free version and a paid version. I recently got the paid version, which came with a lot of cool things and didn't have ads everywhere.  I'm not too good at drawing with my fingers yet, but I'm getting better. Here's a piece I specifically proud of:

Then there are also a few of you finding my blog while looking for my twitter. I no longer have a twitter account, as I have deactivated it. I didn't really use it and I only seemed to talk with people on there that I don't associate with anymore, so I didn't see a point in keeping it.  The account name is still reserved to me though.

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