Monday, March 19, 2012

Return from Momocon

   It's been a long weekend, but I'm finally back at home behind the computer and with my cats. This weekend was fun, and a lucky weekend for me. I have to admit that because of circumstances, it was a million times more fun for me than AWA weekend.

  My costumes turned out well after a lot of hard work. I did add in one more to the list just before we went.
My costume for Friday was Makise Kurisu from Steins;Gate. You might remember that I wore this at AWA. It is different, however, as I did the coat version rather than the labcoat version this time around.

Saturday morning, I dressed as the Beach Queens version of Kuroneko from Oreimo. The pool was so warm, and I actually got to swim in it.
The costume was surprisingly easy to make, and I did it last minute. The only difficult part was painting the innertube. They just don't want to be painted!

On Saturday afternoon-evening, I was dressed as White Len from Melty Blood. I had a lot of trouble creating this incredibly simple costume. I wanted it to be absolutely perfect. I actually had a few people who knew who I was cosplaying, but I was rather obscure for the most part. I had fun in the costume anyways. My friend was dressed as Akiha and we hung out together for most of the day.
  On Sunday, I was casual Kuroneko from Oreimo. This outfit was seen in the Comiket episode, and I had already started on it before planning on it for this con. Unfortunately, I left my cat ears for the costume at home and had to buy some in the dealers room for the day. It was a warm day, so this costume was perfect.

  I got to enjoy Shabushabu with Jason and Victor at Umezono, quickly becoming one of my favorite restaurants. I also bought a yukata, which is very bright, light, and cute. I think I'll wear it around the house during summer. On another hand, I bought a Nyanpire gashapon in hopes of getting Chachamaru. I felt lucky when I went after it, picked the one I thought would hold it, and it was Chachamaru!
  So, overall, it was a great weekend. I can't wait for my next con!

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