Friday, March 30, 2012


   As I'm still getting ready for my travel Monday, I decided to sit down and write up another blog post. I have so much to do, but I can't do a lot of it until tomorrow, so for now I'm biding my time doing other things.
  I thought maybe I'd leave you guys with a few things I've not uploaded to very many places, if at all.

  First off, I had forgotten to upload my modified Butterbeer tutorial up here. I've recently changed a lot of stuff again since I'm lactose intolerant. Who knew they made lactose free ice cream? Perhaps I'll do another tutorial with all of that stuff. (You'll need to click on it for the full sized version)

I've also not posted anything of Racecar's pendant or shrine. He's still near and dear to me. I would like to share these with everyone:

 I have been playing a game with my friends lately called "Draw Something". It's really fun. It's a lot like pictionary. It's in the apple app store or the android app market. There's a free version and a paid version. I recently got the paid version, which came with a lot of cool things and didn't have ads everywhere.  I'm not too good at drawing with my fingers yet, but I'm getting better. Here's a piece I specifically proud of:

Then there are also a few of you finding my blog while looking for my twitter. I no longer have a twitter account, as I have deactivated it. I didn't really use it and I only seemed to talk with people on there that I don't associate with anymore, so I didn't see a point in keeping it.  The account name is still reserved to me though.

Thursday, March 22, 2012


So, I'll be moving to California for a few months in the start of April. There are a lot of cosplayers there I would love to meet, so I hope I can do so by attending Anime Expo. Not quite sure who I will be cosplaying yet, but I have a few ideas. I'll be leaving a lot of my stuff behind until I can return, so I won't have all of my costumes with me to choose from. After those few months, though, I'll be back here in South Carolina and working my way to AWA.

Monday, March 19, 2012

Return from Momocon

   It's been a long weekend, but I'm finally back at home behind the computer and with my cats. This weekend was fun, and a lucky weekend for me. I have to admit that because of circumstances, it was a million times more fun for me than AWA weekend.

  My costumes turned out well after a lot of hard work. I did add in one more to the list just before we went.
My costume for Friday was Makise Kurisu from Steins;Gate. You might remember that I wore this at AWA. It is different, however, as I did the coat version rather than the labcoat version this time around.

Saturday morning, I dressed as the Beach Queens version of Kuroneko from Oreimo. The pool was so warm, and I actually got to swim in it.
The costume was surprisingly easy to make, and I did it last minute. The only difficult part was painting the innertube. They just don't want to be painted!

On Saturday afternoon-evening, I was dressed as White Len from Melty Blood. I had a lot of trouble creating this incredibly simple costume. I wanted it to be absolutely perfect. I actually had a few people who knew who I was cosplaying, but I was rather obscure for the most part. I had fun in the costume anyways. My friend was dressed as Akiha and we hung out together for most of the day.
  On Sunday, I was casual Kuroneko from Oreimo. This outfit was seen in the Comiket episode, and I had already started on it before planning on it for this con. Unfortunately, I left my cat ears for the costume at home and had to buy some in the dealers room for the day. It was a warm day, so this costume was perfect.

  I got to enjoy Shabushabu with Jason and Victor at Umezono, quickly becoming one of my favorite restaurants. I also bought a yukata, which is very bright, light, and cute. I think I'll wear it around the house during summer. On another hand, I bought a Nyanpire gashapon in hopes of getting Chachamaru. I felt lucky when I went after it, picked the one I thought would hold it, and it was Chachamaru!
  So, overall, it was a great weekend. I can't wait for my next con!

Thursday, March 15, 2012

Bodyline Review

              Recently, I had two Bodyline dresses ordered from their Lolita section. They were two dresses I haven't honestly seen people wearing, but thought had a lot of charm to them. They were in the Lolita section of the site, but I wanted to wear them because they were cute- not for the Lolita fashion.
              The two dresses I got were:

This dress was in the "Last One" area of the site, but also falls under the separate tab in Lolita. I love black and white designs, it's my second favorite color combination.

When it arrived, it looked just like it did in the picture after putting the chains on it. The dress is very modular, which is exciting. The sleeves are detachable, the skirt can be worn with the zippers up or down, the blouse is cute all on it's own, as is the apron (I could wear each with any other outfit), and the chains can go where you would like them, even as far as leaving them off and it would look just fine!
Me wearing the dress!
It fits me like a glove as well. I couldn't be happier with it.
The best thing about it was that I got so many great items (Blouse, apron, skirt, chains, and bow) for just $27!

   The second dress I got was this one, in the sax/blue color.
  This dress comes with several items as well. It can also be found under the separate's tab of Lolita.  The outfit comes with the skirt, the jacket, the beret, and several bows to clip on where you like.
  When it came, I had to chase down the mail person for it. She was very understanding, as I had just missed her, and let me take my package.
  The outfit looks nearly exactly as it is pictured. The blue is a bit paler, which I have to admit is a good thing. The fabric is super soft and cuddly.

   The skirt is absolutely stunning. The volume worried me at first since it didn't look like the white underneath would be enough to hold a petticoat to make it poof out like in the picture, but it did with no problem at all and the bottom is actually my favorite part now!
   This outfit also fits like a glove. The skirt is really comfortable to wear, especially with the high waist. It doesn't feel binding at all.

The coat is also really cute. It's a breast length coat. I feared that it would accentuate my chest too much, since I'm a bit big in the top... But it doesn't! The small pleats in the jacket are really cute and it really is a brilliant touch to it! On the back, there is a bigger pleat with a bigger bow at the top, and it is a small sailor style collar, which matches the style to the beret

Don't mind Charrlie in the back <3

The beret is a little big for my head, but it can be easily fixed. I like it best on the side of my head, but I think you can wear it several different ways. I might try the back next time! It's stiff without being scratchy. There is a small spot on the inside that annoys me, but you can't see it from the outside. It seems like just a marker print from production.

 Lastly, I often hear about how the lace is awful and scratchy. I don't think that's the case with either of these dresses. I think the lace is very soft and pretty. It hangs very nicely on the dress and the shapes make it a little more interesting than plain ruffles on the bottom. The same material lace is used on both of the dresses. I wouldn't dream of replacing it.

    So, there you have it, my first real review on Bodyline clothing. It's always been a joy to shop with them. Their prices are excellent, the quality is awesome, and the items are beautiful. I can't wait until I can purchase from them again!

Monday, March 5, 2012

Momocon 2012 Plans.

     Since I've gotten the approval, the ride, and the hotel for Momocon, I can finally put up a list for Momocon outfits!

My main costume for the con will be White Len from Melty Blood. I will probably be wearing this costume Saturday. I will also be attending in Kuroneko's summer/casual outfit, and possibly Makise Kurisu (Christina!).

I will be attending all weekend as of now. I hope to see my friends there and have a lot of fun! Until then, I will be working extra hard on costumes!

Friday, March 2, 2012

School Uniform Pictures.

        I've had this outfit for a while now. I just got around to having a photoshoot in it just the other day. Do you think that the glasses help? I really think it makes the costume by adding something to my face! I love Bodyline's outfits. The fit me nicely and make me feel all happy inside!