Tuesday, February 28, 2012

A Year of Redo

        This year my resolution was to revamp a lot of my old costumes and get them looking really good! Many of my costumes from a few years ago haven't had pictures taken of them or they didn't look very good and I want to fix all of that and get all of my work out there. I will no longer be rushing through costumes and no more will I pick up a hot glue gun for fabric (though I haven't honestly done that for many many months now.) I feel confident in my sewing skills, enough that I can redo all of my past mistakes and make them excellent.
The ones I have plans for over the next couple of months are: DJ Iroha Umegiri, Hong Meiling, Chen, and Anna Kurauchi.
And of course, as I stated on my DA, " It really is a wonder how a better made costume can make you look more beautiful in pictures."

     To add to the fun, my family visited a few weekends ago. My sister wanted to wear my wigs and eventually one of my costumes. She picked out Cirno and wanted me to wear my (albeit unfinished) Yuuka costume.  It was freezing outside (she was the best Cirno and demanded to go without a coat on) but we had a lot of fun taking pictures and playing at the playground. She wears me out though. Our photographer caught a load of good pictures of us together. It was really like having Cirno fluttering about everywhere. I have since decided that I will be working the costume to fit her (and making wings) while remaking a new Cirno costume for me altogether.

    It was her first time cosplaying and she seemed to enjoy it. I hope that in the future, she'll be one of my cosplay partners. She certainly has the spunk for it!

   While I'm still mourning my loss over Racecar, we decided that it would be best for me to get a new kitten to help ease my mind and keep me company during the day. No one could ever replace my Race, but since I stay home most of the time, I certainly needed the company so I wasn't dwelling on everything too much. We went to an out of town shelter that specialized in kittens (Kittens are very needy and would better keep my mind off of the soul-crushing depression I have). I had read about it online, and how nicely they treat their pets. I didn't know just how nice until I got there. I instantly became worried that if I took a kitten home from here, it may become bored! The kittens could freely roam in rooms with other cats of the same age. Each room was filled to the top with cat towers and on the floors were all the toys a cat could ever dream of. Each cat seemed happy and they absolutely loved on everyone who came in there, a true sign that someone was taking care of these cats.
This drive was an hour and 20 minutes, so I HAD to adopt a kitten when I got there. It was a toss up between a tiny playful black 'male' kitten, or a loving, fluffy, female calico. After much debate, I took the Calico. Her shelter name was Sabrina, so I instantly took to calling her Sabby. Her paper name eventually became Porsche, a new tradition of naming cats after/in the like of Racecar. When we got home with her, it seemed she had deceived me! She was one of the most playful kittens I had laid eyes on!
A few days later, I ended up going back and adopting the black kitten as well. The two kittens being the same age, still didn't get along well until a few days later. Now they love each other. However, when I got home with the new kitten, Midnight, paper and calling name 'Drift', I realized that they had told me falsely that it was a male. We now had two female two month old kittens. Regardless, I still accepted her. It took a while for me to become attached. It was difficult attaching myself to anything after losing the most precious thing to me. Now I love them to death. They will never be Racecar, but I'm not going to hold it against them.  Favorite toys: Packing noodles. Other hobbies: Helping kill dragons on Skyrim, sleeping, causing trouble, chasing laser pointers.

    I know that my blogs are usually long, and I thank you if you've stayed long enough to read all of this! My cosplay plans for this year are for now as follows (Subject to change).

Momocon: White Len - MeltyBlood
Fanime: Undecided/undecided attendance
Anime Expo: Mamizou - Touhou Project
Princess of the Crystal- Mawaru Penguindrum
AWA: DJ Iroha Umegiri
Rest undecided

It isn't much as of yet, and I'm going to sprinkle it with a couple of PC98 Touhou characters.

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