Thursday, September 22, 2011

AWA Preperations!

It's coming around that time again. Anime Weekend Atlanta is just around the corner and I've been spending a lot of time getting prepared for it. My costume selection for this year is:

Kyubey: My favorite character of Madoka Magica. I've been a fan of this personification artwork since I first saw it. I decided I'll be doing a cosplay of this particular piece. I've been working extra hard on it. Maybe I'll be a little embarrassed being in it in front of people though. >//////>

Secret Touhou Cosplay: As usual, I like to surprise people with what Touhou I'm cosplaying next, especially for a con. This is no different. I will be cohosting the Touhou Panel again! I hope to see a lot of people show up!

I also can't wait to visit the maid cafe again! Maids are awesome! Too bad the price went up to $15 this year and the half of the cafe time will be allotted to cosplay instead.

And this year I might even have decent spending money!!! Maybe I'll finally be able to buy one of those bodyline dresses (one of the maid dresses) or one of those small Pastel Ink figures!

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